Book Review: Trending In love by Pankaj Dubey

by - 3/27/2020

What is the most productive way to spend this quarantine/lockdown period? It's to read of course! I have been finishing titles one by one and here I am back with the review of my latest read which is a cute love story.

Title: Trending In love
Author: Pankaj Dubey
Pages: 210
Genre: Fiction/ Romance

What happens when a pretty, smart Delhi girl and a composed, suave Kashmiri lad...both IAS trainees meet? Fireworks? Yes! Literally! Fights and hatred...from the day they meet!

This story is about a beautiful girl Sanam and a Kashmiri boy Aamir who stand first and second in the IAS exams respectively. Both hail from very different backgrounds yet there have so many things in common: both are extremely intelligent (they have topped the ICS exams), very goal driven and extremely good looking. They meet in the IAS Training academy where they undergo rigorous training to become competent officers and acquire a fan club of their own. 
In this journey they are attracted to each other while they know they are not apt for each other. Sanam has a long list of goals to be fulfilled, her flawless knight in shining armour and has to make her Dad proud. Whereas Aamir is here with an agenda of his own. His hometown of Kupwara was an unrest area of Kashmir and he has faced hardships throughout his life. He wants to give his fellow Kashmiris a life that every human deserves ie peace, safety and amenities like internet and all. Getting involved romantically is no where on his list.
Will love overcome their ambitions or would their attraction take a back seat because of their goals and responsibilities? This is a very light hearted read and a beautiful story. Everyone would love it.

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  1. I love reading such love stories. Thanks for the review. I will definitely going to read this book let me check whether Ebook is available or not

  2. I think You’re doing a great job.. thanks for sharing..
    i miss you poems

  3. Seems to be a lovely book! Hopefully you are well and safe!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. I am not much of a reader, but some plots just intrigue me and this one is just one of those. Once the lockdown is over, I will surely get this book.

  5. This book seems to be a light and nice read. Am gonna get my hands on it soon.

  6. Lovely book review. Will read it online during quarantine.

  7. I love reading and after reading your review I really want to read this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Seems to be a good read. .Will surely start this soon.