Lapu Lapu

by - 9/26/2014

So it was our last afternoon, last evening and hence the last night. We had to make the full of it so what if I was running high on fever!!

After snorkelling in Nalasuan Island, we had to proceed to Hiluantan Island. That is also a marine sanctuary but a very deep one. All the aquatic animals which we saw in the last place were 10 times bigger here!! Everything seemed so scary. The water was dark and silent as sunlight could not penetrate so deep. I was almost scared to death when a bunch of swordfish came swimming. But they were quite below. The glasses made all the difference!!

It was dark when we started reaching back to Mactan. We witnessed the sunset on the sea before we touched the land. It was an amazing day and it was time to go back to our hotel. Our cab was waiting.
On the way an idea flashed on hubby's restless mind. I was too ill to think of anything. The capital of mactan island is Lapu Lapu city,where we were staying. If we did not explore it right now, it could not be done the next day as we were leaving. So he requested the driver to take us to the few important spots of the city and he readily obliged. How sweet!!

Lapu Lapu city is named after the Philippine freedom fighter Lapu Lapu, who gave up his life for the freedom struggle. There is a beautiful park, a memorial and many other spots. As It was very dark, we could not get good photos. I was running high on fever and needed rest. So the last night too came to an end. I was sicker with nostalgia.

a little romantic moment on the dreamy island!!

the marine sanctuary...

high fever can easily be detected from my face!!

sunset on the sea..just before approaching land...

our sweet guide...

the Lapu Lapu memorial park...

Lapu Lapu..the great freedom fighter

Pardon the sick, tired face!!

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  1. You look marvelous and the pics are beautiful. I couldn't have visited it with high fever (or low). Wow you are so tough. No one could tell that you were sick. I'm glad you're feeling better again. Have a happy Friday pretty!!


  2. YOu look so lovely on the first two pictures :)

  3. Great pictures! I love the dress!

  4. I am so sorry that you were feverishing! But this place look amazing!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. I hope you're better now! the pics are beautiful!

    Chiara ~
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