Happy Valentine's Day!!

by - 2/14/2014

A very happy Valentine's day to all my lovely readers!! On this auspicious occasion of love, I am in a not so obvious romantic mood :(  A die hard romantic myself, my stingy life partner does not believe in Valentine's Day as I said here. He justifies by saying that there should not be a single day for celebrating love. Sensible but soo unromantic!! 

Today in his hospital, all his orthopaedic colleagues are on leave because they have to go on romantic dates with their respective wives. Poor me, I am left fuming alone in my parents' house. Hubby is so sly that he made sure that I am in the pampering hands of my Mom and not alone in our own house :D Seems the Orthopaedic department is the only thing that is benefiting from my husband's non committal to Valentine's day!! 

Our wedding anniversary is just 4 days before Vday. Three years before, the year when we got married, things were so new and different. That year i.e in 2011, on 14 th Feb, we were just done with the myriads of rituals in both of our families. One of my favourite was the post nuptual ritual which was performed when I entered my In laws' place for the first time. As I sit alone in front of my laptop...imagining my hubby in his Operation Theatre ( I didnot get a chance to talk to him since he left early in the morning), I recapitulate all the beautiful events that sealed our eternal love traditionally and legally.

In the following pictures I look so naive and younger and innocent!! Hard to believe that three years have matured me so much!! All complaints aside, thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful life partner!!

my first step in my new home...I drop this 'kalash' (holy vessel) with my right foot...
both feet dipped in red dye 'aalta ', I waltz into the house with my coloured footprints all over...
my trail of footprints...
my very first stint in the kitchen...not only in my inlaws' place but in my life too!! Yes I had never cooked before as my parents were overtly protective and pampering :D My Dad was scared of the brickbats I was going to get because of this; but fortunately I turned out to be a fabulous cook afterwards!!

my first bite at my inlaws' place

with my newly wedded husband and my sister in law and her superbly mischievous son....my new world in a nutshell :)

p.s Today my first guest post appeared on Aditi's blog So saree. Check out this post here.

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  1. Hello,yes,today is valentine`s day,and happy valentine`s day to you too

    I am Royal Wang,and glad find your blog and i invite you to read my blog


  2. Oooooooh this post is so sweet, you both looked great! Happy VDay!

  3. Wow is okay if hubby does not make a big deal about VD I bet he will make a big deal of your Anniversary that's what counts Happy Anniversary to both of you. How beautiful you look and thanks for sharing your traditions.

  4. nice post! so beautiful <333


  5. You looked absolutely stunning :o Really beautiful!


  6. Randomly found your blog :). Happy Valentine's day and Happy anniversary as well. You look gorgeous in your photos.. :)

  7. Beautiful! I love your blue garments!