an Upside Down World

by - 4/02/2015

Happy April my loves! I am loving this spring weather!! That means more of roaming around till the scorching heat engulfs us!

It was a perfect spring afternoon. The sky was overcast with cool breeze blowing. A very bad option to stay indoors even if it was a Wednesday. And the cherry on the cake? The Husband (aka photographer) had his afternoon free. It was dumb not to utilize all these factors. So I dragged my man and baby for a little outing ( and photoshoot for a blog post of course :p). Where we were going, we had no idea; let alone the location for my blogpost. I love long drives anyway so simply going out was a win win situation for me nonetheless!

We decided to drive towards Shipra mall and hence entered Indirapuram. After driving for a while, the photographer in me spotted a nice upside down building. I had never noticed this place before and asked hubs to stop. We parked our car nearby and approached the building. Now the question was how to take photos? That building was inside a society and to enter we needed a valid reason. Suddenly the husband came up with a brilliant idea. We were already looking for a membership of a nice club so why not this one! 

We entered saying we were looking for a property in their society. The officials were more than eager to show us their place. Mission accomplished!!

The society was beautiful. Large manicured lawns, a sprawling swimming pool, tennis courts et al for the convenience of the residents. The buildings were pretty high; a feature which I am not fond of. I like to live at a height where elevators are not indispensable for reaching upto there! My parents stay at fifth floor where I have spent 10 long years of my life! Right now our building has thirteen floors but thankfully we stay at the third!  

We took photos, lazed around, got the club membership details and had a great time. I particularly loved the patio furniture besides the pool. That day I felt that our daughter was our ticket to seriousness. Seeing just a couple, people usually snub as some dating birds who are looking for a place to sit. But having a baby with you; people consider it a family who is looking for seriousness. It was one fun afternoon!! 

can you see the upturned benches and lamps on the ceiling? Are not they cute!!

the upside down building...

Earrings: Stupid Cupid
Purse: Aldo
Wedges: from Dubai

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  1. You look very pretty great place doll.

  2. Wow you have a new layout. I have to get used to it. Esp. to the comments. You look totally marvelous Mandira. That jumpsuit is to die for. Glad you guys had fun. The upside down building is soooo cool. Never seen anything like that before. Wish you a happy Friday pretty!


  3. oh my gosh...i love ur jumpsuit. u look gorgeous.


  4. So unique! I love the bright colors in your outfit!