Playing dress up with LIMEROAD

by - 4/29/2015

Playing dress up starts at five and never really ends! How true is it? Well I believe every girl would agree with me! Well what if you get to explore looks all the time? Well it would be possible only if you have it on your phone...the LIMEROAD App!

The LIMEROAD App is a kind of a genie which lets you explore, buy and create looks in your smartphone! Be it clothing, accessories or home decor, you got it all in the size of your your fist! So whether you are in the comfort of your bed or travelling, you can browse through your favourite items! No hassles of a laptop or worse dressing up and heading to the nearest mall! 

The best part about the LIMEROAD App is its compact size. At just 2.16 MB, its the lightest and fastest shopping App in India! One can browse through a whopping number of 25,00,000 plus fashion products and shop from the comfort of your home at affordable prices! You can browse through apparel, footwear, beauty products, home decor, kitchen, fragrances, accessories etc etc and shop from your phone! You can like, share, follow, read reviews! Not only that the size chart helps decide your size and you can use your LR credits for discounts! Scroll through your feed and know what's hot!

I have kind of gotten addicted to this cute App. After all not Apps let you help decide your look or your home's, what's trending and what's not! So go get your Limeroad App now from this link!

 I am constantly creating looks from high end fashion magazines or from blogs. For that I need to have endless yet chic options in apparels to recreate those looks. I love Limeroad for that! It helps me assemble and shop my favourite looks!

Creating high fashion looks with my Limeroad app

A girl can never have enough shoes! Give me the right pair of shoes and I can conquer the world! My Limeroad App helps me adding more and more shoes to my collection!

My Limeroad app helps me buy shoes...more and more shoes!!

I am kind of crazy with home decor. I get bored so easily that I have to update it time and again. The easiest way to amp up any look is to change cushions! Limeroad has myriads of beautiful and unique Cushion cover options! 

 This App got me shopping for my own good or for my home's betterment rather!

I fell in love with this lamp and ordered it...Isn't it pretty?
I simply don't get tired of buying more and more cushions!  

Interior decoration remains my favourite pastime and my Limeroad app gives me endless options in home decor!

 Browsing the Limeroad App has become an addictive pastime of mine!

I am still not over the neon frenzy!
A look I created on my scrapbook!

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. What a cool app you did an outstanding job with the image doll.

  2. Seems like a very nice app :)

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  3. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

  4. the shoes look ooomph! :-)
    cheers, Archana -