'Medical Tourism'

by - 1/15/2015

For starters, don't go by the name of the post :D For those who don't know, medical tourism is where patients go abroad to undergo treatments. In India this has become a raging business lately as here premium medical treatments are offered at relatively economic prices. Especially for African, Central Asian and East European countries ( the countries from where maximum patients hail from). This post has got nothing to do with it. I named it so as it was a small tour because of the hubs' medical commitment.

It was the first Saturday of 2015. It was very cold and it had been raining since morning. The perfect ingredients for depression. I already hate winters; and rains in winters are simply one more nail to the coffin. And when you have a naughty infant, it means you have to wet your hands every fifteen minutes for one reason or the other :D How I wished we escaped to somewhere tropical....where the sun grazed everyone's skin.

Well seems my prayers were partially fulfilled. I had my day off and hubs had already left for the hospital. At around noontime, he called up to say that he had to go to another hospital at Greater Noida to see patients. We Delhiites tend to treat Greater Noida as some another city so its usually a big deal to go there. Anyways he said that he was going alone, so would I like to join him for a small trip to the neighbouring city? I readily nodded though getting dressed and also dressing up a naughty infant is an ordeal..that too in such freezing weather. My bambino usually wears 4 sweaters and pulling them out against her will and again shoving four more...only God knows how I manage ( as of now my mom is doing so as she has been taking care of her during my workdays). Barring every obstacle, I managed to get both of us ready. Hubs was waiting downstairs and then we zoomed off. It took about an hour to reach the ' new city' with rains interrupting our over 100 kmph drive on and off.

It was an absolutely new hospital with mostly under construction. It was spread over a huuugeee area and I really got the feeling of setting my feet on some new land! While hubs was in the OPD for the patients, I explored the area with my daughter. The rains had washed away all the dirt and grime; everything looked fresh and new. Somehow I loved the freezing breeze blow against my face. After that we grabbed a quick lunch at the staff canteen and took some photos. A blogger can't move with pictorial evidence you know.. :D Again it was an hour drive back home. It was the best way a cold gloomy rainy day could have been put into use.

My hate relationship with sneakers continues...God knows when I am going to be able to wear heels again :(

I did not deliberately match my outfit with the sidewalk!!

A farmhouse like feel of the place..

overcast sky and green grass..

The sidewalk was really very cold!!
A non fancy yet hearty lunch...reminded me of my good old college canteen days...

Sweater dress: Promod
pants: Forever21
Coat: zara
Kicks: Reebok
Bag: Shoppers Stop

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  1. So great experience!


  2. Wow I did not know about this type of tour thanks for sharing and is very interesting. You look fabulous.

  3. Such a great tour and amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. Kiss, mel

  4. I still like to see you in sneakers :)

  5. The snaps are beautiful and u r looking pretty in the outfit. And ur little infant is too much cute. Thank u for the share.

  6. So adorable! Looks very fun.

  7. Great pictures! Last pictures is so lovely!

  8. wow very nice place and story...

  9. Happy Monday pretty! Despite the rain and the cold it looks like an amazing trip to the hospital. You look adorable. I love your dress and your little daughter is super cute. It's freezing over here two (2 degrees) and I'm afraid the worst is yet to come :D

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  10. I've heard of medical tourism.
    I like your writing, I was laughing when you wrote about 'matching the sidewalk'.
    Your daughter looked very cute and cosy protected from the cold.
    Have a nice week!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  11. I love your colorful outfit and the picture on the sidewalk is amazing!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  12. Lovely pics..the place looks beautiful.