How to be swimsuit ready all the time?

by - 12/13/2019

Well 'swimsuit' is an emotional word for a woman. If you know what I mean. We females are so critical of our flaws all the time that swimsuit becomes a touchy topic. Anyways, if you are thinking about getting into shape for a swimsuit, then this post is not about that. I am all about body positivity so I don a bikini every now and then without ant qualms! Well this post is for the most important part of wearing a swimsuit (according to me) i.e keeping the bikini area clean.
Cleaning the bikini area again has some hassles. So what are the ways?

1. Brazilian Wax: This method is too famous but not too common. At least not for regular girls/ mommies like me. It's expensive, requires visiting a special parlour and is very painful.

2. Shaving: This is the commonest method although very risky and not at all ideal. The area is far from smooth and there is a big risk of nips and cuts. Not to forget the hair stubs that are left which give you one hell of a problem.

3. Depilatory creams: Well that's also an option but the important question arises 'Is it safe for this sensitive area?' The answer is NO unless it is a specially formulated one.
4. Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line: Now this depilatory cream is specially formulated for  sensitive areas like bikini area and underarms. It effectively removes the hair around tender bikini lines making the area soft and smooth. 

How to use?

  • Take a sufficient amount of Everteen creme on the spatula. 
  • Spread evenly and apply a thick layer of the cream on the desired area covering the hair. Avoid the intimate area.
  • Leave the creme for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the creme with the given coin tissue.
  • After all the hair is removed, wash the area with water.
  • It's recommended to trim the hair in the desired area before applying the creme.

PS Always do a patch test before application.

Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line is formulated from 100% natural Chamomile extract with No Harsh Smell formula. 

Why is Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line the best solution?

  • It effectively removes hair without any skin burning.
  • No razor bumps or ingrown hair
  • No razor cuts, nicks or burns
  • No skin darkening
  • No harsh smell

Price: 149 INR for 50 gm cream.

So girls what is your formula to be swimsuit ready all the time?

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  1. Wow that's quite some high maintenance tips for me. I already avoid waxing and wear long pants instead. Haha should try doing this as my new year resolution.

  2. This sounds nice, because I have tried all the other methods and I am not happy with either. Can you tell if its available on amazon or any other online store?

  3. Such an informative post on being swim suit ready for beach trips. Special thanks for introducing Everteen creme hair remover for bikini line. Will try it out for sure

  4. Being swimsuit ready is a pleasure in itself. . The Everteen creme is amazing product and I love using it personally

  5. Amazing and beautiful post. Everteen is the best brand for women hygiene. Everteen cream looks so promising. Great thoughts.

  6. This is an easy product to remove unwanted hair in sensitive areas. I will try it out. Thanks for the review.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  7. As far as I have known you, you have been in great shape, taking care of yourself. You are an inspiration to many women.

  8. Even I am using everteen bikini line removal that is really effective and no pain

  9. I too use Everteen bikni hair removal and it's such a great experience. It's pain-free and gives amazing results

  10. Great post, sharing the link with my girlfriend, probably she will find this useful for the next beach holiday we get on