What to wear on Mother's Day?

by - 4/17/2019

This year for Mother's Day, I would love to buy myself a few nice dresses. I know, I sound like a three year old. No matter how old I get as a mom, I can never get bored of celebrating. In fact I am waiting for my kid to get older so that she can start pampering me with gifts! Actually I am a pretty overenthusiastic person who likes to celebrate every small occasion. So whether its my bestie’s birthday or my partner’s, Father's Day or our anniversary, I spend months planning on the celebration and of course the best part: gifts!
Our year is very well balanced with almost celebrations in every month. Just as spring rolls over (my munchkin’s birthday) and summer comes, I start planning Mother's Day. I hardly get time to pamper myself. So I usually create  a wishlist and try to tick them off from my bucket list. I usually make two lists: one splurge and one save. I generally manage to gift myself one luxury item every year. But since last year we splurged on our home, I would like to make a huge ‘save’ list and buy them all! This time my wishlist is from Trendysuper, one of my favourite shopping websites.
It’s a no secret that I am a short dresses person. But as I grow older, I have started gravitating towards maxi dresses and full jumpsuits. Motherhood and growing older has taken a toll on my dressing style! Also these are a safe bet during family gatherings and work parties where you don’t want to get eyebrows raised!
So here is what I have narrowed down.
I know this silhouette is quite dramatic but is absolutely a statement piece which a love. The black and white is so elegant and this just so irreristible! What do you think? You can get lots of cheap skater dresses.

How cute is this lace dress? The length is apt and the silhouette is so flattering! PS I love the colour!

 This blue and white combo is simply irresistible!
You can view more women's maxi dresses on the website!

I guess overalls are the most stylish yet the super comfortable for mommies.

 A maxi dress is the most versatile of all!

Which ones should I buy immediately? Let me know!

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  2. Round Neck Side slit long Skater Dress will look good on girls with good height.
    Last one floral maxi dress or some Skater dress with big flowers or Polka dots (not pink but dark color may be black) will look good on you in my opinion.

  3. Comfort is my top priority, mine favorite will be Maxi dress in this scorching summer, go for Maxi dress.

  4. Blue and white maxi dress looks very stylish and comfortable too. Go for it doc :)

  5. I think you should go for the maxi dress as it is quite comfortable and can be styled in multiple ways too. All the other pieces are beautiful as well.

  6. These outfit ideas are purely versatile and I would love to try them all eventually. Well thanks a lot for sharing all the ideas.

  7. Very nice blog you have herre