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This post is a prequel to the last post...the daytime outing of Kuala Lumpur on day 2 of our trip :) We were staying in Hotel Sentral which was Very near to Sentral station of MRT. I really like our tour operators for this as their hotels are always in the hub of city close to public transport and Indian eateries. Not that I search Indian food wherever I go, but when I am travelling  with vegetarian people like my father and my husband, Indian restaurants are must. Otherwise the two closest men in my life will starve to death!!

Sentral is located adjacent to Little India. Well this part has been named so as our prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh when he came to KL christened this part as Little India because of the density of Indian  population here. As I mentioned earlier, Diwali, our biggest festival was round the corner. So everywhere it was festivities galore!!
After we had a hearty breakfast in our hotel, we decided to explore the city on our own. My mom, though an ardent and enthusiastic traveller is not very high on physical strengh :D I , dad and my hubby keep on teasing her for this :D  So she was not very fit after the previous day's journey. Therefore we decided to ditch any kind of transport and set out to explore the city on foot. 

the view of KLTower from our room as we opened our eyes made our day!!
sunrise from my bed..
I had to strain my neck to capture our hotel building...
the Sentral area...

me right in front of our hotel. My dad always manages to get in the frame even when he is not posing :D
right after we started walking... beautiful cobbled streets and cute lamps!!
with a kazkhastani tourist in a bird shop..

the flower shop alley...pre diwali , the markets were dressed up...

dragon fruit has always fascinated me..its looks more than its taste!! :D

we reached a bus stop while wandering aimlessly!!

me and dad decide to rest for a while under a tree...

pretty fountain behind us..
love the streets!!

Indo Malay friendship arch...just joking :D

after exploring almost the whole of Little India, we finally came to the gate which officially said wlcome to Little india!!!

I manage to get myself clicked with anything that catches my fancy!!

in love with the street lamps...

huge alcohol bottles!!

a very funny thing happened when this pic was taken.. It was in front of a South Indian restaurant. The moment I would stand, the waiter would open the door thinking I would like to enter to eat!! This happened for 3 times after which I turned him down politely!!

I wore:
dress: H n M
hat: H n m
sunnies : Fastrack


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