A Colorful Indiblogger Meet with #BergerXP

by - 2/27/2017

Remember that episode in SATC, when Natasha leaves Mr Big, he paints his bedroom wall red? He does that to get over the divorce! Repainting walls promises a fresh start. Heartbroken? Get your walls painted. Want to improve your luck? Paint your bedroom walls in a certain colour. Blah Blah. We tend to modify our Karma by repainting walls. I wish painting our home was just like having a wardrobe makeover. Just by changing the wall colour can make your home brand new. But alas. Repainting your home is even more excruciating than getting your tooth extracted! The dirt, dust and the paint spillage everywhere has prevented me from repainting our home since the time we moved in (6 years). I know, its gross! But I was simply intimidated by all the hassles that come along with fresh walls....until.. this Saturday!

For the past 8 months, we Delhiites had been craving for an Indimeet. And our prayers were answered when we saw the Indiblogger homescreen flashing #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet! Berger Paints had been conducting meets in Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mumbai; and it was high time that Delhi too got its share of colours. So a happy me, along with 67 other Delhi bloggers reached the venue with hues on their mind!
The meet was at Vivanta By Taj Hotel, Dwarka. A two hour metro ride from my place could not exhaust me even for a bit. Moreover a lavish, delectable lunch at the hotel, refueled me within no time. I was all set for the much awaited meet.
The afternoon started with our favourite Emcee Anoop with a rather hilarious game. He read out a couple of blogger introductions from their blogs' respective 'About Me' pages. Now while writing the description it may not feel bragging to us; but when read out loud, it sounded rather funny! So we all were given sealed envelopes which contained the descriptions of five bloggers. We were supposed to find the five names and whoever got the fastest five, won! Every Indiblogger Meet starts with 'Networking with Bloggers Round' but this was the most innovative way till now! And the time started! I got rather funny descriptions; like 'Blog dedicated to those who never had a girlfriend'. 'I do not serve fools,' etc 😁 The "No Girlfriend' description when read out loud had everyone in splits! 
Unfortunately I was unable to find out all the five bloggers in my envelope. However my description was doing the rounds and I had fun clicking numerous selfies with them and signing my description. Manjulika got lucky when she got all her five correct.
After this hilarious round, we got back to our seats as Anoop handed over the mic to Mr Vinod Das of Berger Paints. This meet was mainly to enlighten us about hassle free painting. Yes, repainting our home can be done in a faster, cleaner and better way! Hello Berger Express Painting! Painting Ka T20!
Berger paints has come up with an innovative way that would make painting homes a breeze minus all the dirt, dust and paint spillage. A set of Home Painting Tools, trained painters and excellent quality of paints promises a superb look of your walls. We all were actually surprised by these amazing possibilities and bombarded Mr Das with questions which he elucidated happily.
Since Berger uses painting tools, it is 40% FASTER than traditional painting.
The Sanding Machine is cutting edge vacuum suction enabled for a dust free function. The painters are trained so that the painting is better and efficient.
There is a Multipurpose Mixer for mixing putty and texture. It enables quick and hassle free mixing at a regulated speed.
The Auto Roller is an adjusted roller which is for automatic paint pumping for a superior finish. 
The Airless Paint Sprayer is for quick application and uniform finish. 
The High Pressure Washer has nozzle adjustment and pressure regulator for high speed pressure wash.
Because of all these 'no mess' certified tools and trained workers, Berger guarantees better coverage, finish and smoothness every time. So you get superior quality finish minus all the dust, paint spillage and hassles. They have lever based furniture movers too!
Its a win win situation for both the consumer and the applicator. The consumer gets world class painting everytime while the applicator gets more business as the time required for each painting assignment is reduced.
The cherry on the cake? All this at NO EXTRA COST!
After we were fazed and determined to repaint our homes with Berger Express Painting,it was time to get our hands dirty! Yes, bloggers turned into painters!
We all were divided into teams of 7 or 8 and given one ply sheet to sand. There were six teams in total and I was in Team 5. We donned surgical masks, gloves and a head gear to get started. We started scrubbing the board with a sand paper like there was no tomorrow! There was dust everywhere! My black blazer turned white with dust! The fastest team won the maximum points which got carried over to the next round.

After this tiring round of sanding, it was time to unleash the artists within. All the teams were a assigned a theme on which we had to paint our imaginations. Before taking up the brush, we were given lessons on mixing ratios. 

All the colours that were present on the table could be mixed with white in definite proportions to create more than 10,000 shades! Our team got 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' theme. We were given half an hour to transfer our thoughts to canvas.
Our painting did not turn out the way I wanted it to be. Paints dribbled, spoiling the entire picture. Anyway, we had super fun mixing colours and dabbing brushes on the canvas! 
We got to narrate our creations. Though I think we scored a bit with the presentation, but the messiness of colours weighed us down.The team with 'Vlogging' theme won. It was the most beautiful piece undoubtedly! 
So after five hours of craziness, colours, culinary delights and coffee, this vibrant afternoon came to an end. There were numerous prizes for Best Tweets, Best Pictures, Social pins, etc. We also got an Indiblogger tee, a Berger Paints mug, catalogues and endless memories as takeaways. A Saturday superbly spent!

P.S We are shifting to our very first home next month and I am going to try hassle free Berger Paints Express Painting!

Check out this cute TVC!

What I wore:
Blazer: H n M (Italy)
Top: Foerever 21
Pants: Globus
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Steve Madden

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  1. Interesting great to get the right paint for your home ( I had a review how to get that done here its the link http://tifi11.blogspot.com/2017/01/review-jimmys-coating-unlimited.html?m=1 but the post today its more about tidy organization)

  2. Very comprehensively written post on the painting services and the Indimeet. It was a great event... happy to connect with you and other fellow bloggers.

  3. such a beautiful experience

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