Valentines Day

by - 2/10/2016

Happy Valentines Day in advance loves! What does this festival mean to you? I am a die hard romantic and always find excuses to celebrate love. My better half on the other hand is very practical and does not believe in such things :D This year (like every other year) I am looking forward to celebrating this Shiv Sena banned festival. I want to forget the Valentines Day of 2015 as it was a bitter sweet experience.

Last year was pretty bad. We had come back from Udaipur and our 11 month old daughter got viral fever from me.  (I had gotten sick by too much swimming during our vacation in the first week of February). She was terribly ill and that too for the first time. It was two days before Valentines. However something sweet really happened. I was under training in my husband's hospital. The HR department there was celebrating Valentine's Week. Anyone could write love notes and put it inside a closed box and the secret lover with the best addressed message would be entitled to gifts at the end of each day. So I sneakily wrote a love note ' I love your Orthopedic skills' and signed off with 'your secret admirer'. The winner of that day was of course my husband as everyone was left wondering who the secret admirer was. He got a cute planner which obviously became mine :D

This year we completed five years of holy matrimony and hence its our fifth Valentine's Day. I don't know what got into my better half's mind but he took me to a jewelry shop and asked me to pick up a diamond ring!! I was overwhelmed. We are already back from our anniversary cum Valentines celebration in Dalhousie and this ring is a cherry on the cake!! Now I need to pamper him too!

Are you looking for cute and thoughtful gifts for your significant other like me? I got myriad of options in this perfect Valentine's Day Store. Here's what I chose for my better half...

1. A cute backpack: Since we are constantly travelling and my poor hubs has to carry the load of a 'fashion blogger', a sturdy yet fashionable backpack is a must!

2. Embroidered Socks: Who says only girls get to wear nice socks? Look at these dog embroidered ones. Are not they cute?

3. A Chronograph watch : Though my husband has a collection of expensive watches, a man can never have too many! Cheers to this elegant timepiece!

4. A fashionable sweatshirt: No need for justification. I love it.

5. Aviators: My bespectacled husband never misses a chance to don sunnies. I think aviators look perfect on everyone!

6. Deodorant: Every man needs a deo. Period. The more sophisticated...the better.

So what do you plan to buy for your man? I hope I could help! Happy Valentines Day again loves! 

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  1. Perfect for Valentine's have a great one guys.

  2. Aww so sweet! Hope this year is fabulous for you too!

  3. Hope you are having a fantastic one...enjoy and gift him something special ☺️