On the roof..By the lake.!!

by - 2/02/2016

When I started penning down this post, I was humming a song you would probably remember...On the roof, in the rain! Did it ring something? Yes Vivek Oberoi and Lara Dutta dancing in the rain in the movie Masti. So I decided to name my post after it! After all music is the soul of life!

A fantastico view of the lake Pichola!!

The very reason for choosing our hotel was the picturesque rooftop pool overlooking the Lake Pichola. Sure there were a lot of options but they were way too expensive! But we needed a fantastico experience nonetheless! For example, the Oberoi Udaivillas or the Taj lake Place offered ample views of the lake Pichola but don't they feature in the list of costliest hotels in the world? After all we were in the land of the most expensive destination wedding venue!

A fabulous view of the lake palace and lake Pichola...
The rooftop offered a panoramic view of the entire city...the lake Pichola on two sides, the city palace on the third and the rest of the city on the fourth. It was a fantastico view! The lake Pichola in turn had so many architectural wonders built in midst of it. The white Taj Lake Palace in the center, the Jag mandir and on straining our necks and sight, one could spot the Udaivillas too.

Freezing water...

It was really cold in the early morning hours so there was no point in thinking of swimming. However I had expectations for the afternoon. The sun was really hot and glaring during midday so I decided to take a plunge! Whoa! the water was so so cold...it was fureezing!! And my overpushy hubs...he himself did not have the courage to take a dip but provoked me from the dry land!

magnificient view...
Basking under the sun on the sunbed, he kept on repeating that the longer I stay inside the water, the lesser I would feel the cold! Though it was true, it had some really bad consequences. After half an hour of coming out, I got severe pharyngitis which got converted into a full blown viral fever the following day. Not only I fell sick but when I came back, I transferred my viral load to my daughter too!! Poor baby not only she had the ugliest fever in eleven months but she scared all of us to death! My mom and my husband both got viral fever too and those two weeks were the worst days of my life! Now that everyone is back to normal, I promise to be careful in the coming trips. A fantastico vacation turned sour :(

I realised that after becoming a mom, I was not a free bird anymore. I had tonnes of responsibilities on my shoulders.

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