Parasporos beach, Paros Island

by - 2/05/2016

This was our last stop in Paros Island. We had covered almost six beaches ( Kolimbethres BeachNaoussa,  all around the island! Wow! If it not been my partner's excellent GPS skills, we could not have done even half of it! He used to constantly scroll Google earth back at home to memorise the routes. Surprisingly, we did not even take a single wrong turn while riding!

As it was our last stop, we were in a hurry. I had my share of swimming left at the resort. So lingering even a single second more meant either losing my swim session, packing or the ferry to Santorini altogether!

The mesmerising windmill cafe

The way to Parasporos beach was quite a jinxed one. On the way we passed through a beautiful windmill cafe. We had plans of taking breakfast here but time did not permit. Wherever we eat, I spend so much time in taking pictures that it proves dangerous in tight situations! Thankfully when we reached that place, it was not open yet. Otherwise I would have tempted to order something!

The way to Parasporos beach was uphill followed by a narrow winding road downhill. In order to save the hassles of dragging our scooter uphill on the way back, we parked it on the cliff Then we ran down to the beach. First there was a restaurant. The eatery had the way to the beach. Seems the Paros people wake up late. Because neither anyone was eating at the restaurant nor anyone was swimming! Lucky we..we got the entire beach to ourselves! Sadly we had to leave after 10 minutes. I could not have afforded to miss the ferry to Santorini!

I wish I could own this house!!

On of the best views Paros could offer!

An archaic windmill...

The deep blue Paras Sporos Beach

The mermaid goes into the sea..
Top: Globus
Skirt: Levi's
Bag: Shoppers Stop

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  1. What an amazing place you look fabulous.

  2. The place is fascinating! Covering six beaches is a grand thing and, you are looking beautiful as always... :-)

  3. What gorgeous views...i love love love ur skirt.


  4. Nice blog. Only thing I was not aware that Mermaids use tube for swimming. 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

  5. Nice blog. Only thing I was not aware that Mermaids use tube for swimming. 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

  6. Beautiful location! I love the pictures!

  7. Beach hopping is fun. Great pics you got.

  8. Great Post :) I love beaches..can jus live my life out on a beach
    Keep Blogging ...

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