Launch of Tia Jewels

by - 2/21/2016

Beautiful memories of Tia Jewels Launch
I love bling and I am addicted to accessories! I think anyone who knows me would agree! In fact is there any girl in the world who does not love jewelry? Even if there is someone, I have not come across that person! Anyways diamonds are a girls best friend and I am too. Call me superficial. Whatever :D

Its a no brainer that Jewelry brands fascinate me. And their launches even more. Last Saturday I was  invited to the launch of Tia Jewels. Tia jewels is about premium diamond jewelry with international standards ie GH colour and 100% certified and Hallmark Jewellery..Designer Polki Jewellery at a very competent price for the first time in Delhi. The event was supposed to start from 12 noon. Since it was a Saturday, it required taking leave from my clinic. I planned to take a half day and reach there post lunch. The event was in Gurgaon so a cab ride meant a travelling time of at least one and a half hours. With excitement on my mind, I left for my clinic.

My day at work started all wrong. A patient of mine was not well and two of my team members had not abode by their duties. This evoked a serious meeting which involved me too. Hence I had to bid goodbye to the Tia jewels event. I was sad and crestfallen.

I finally got free at four in the evening. It was too late to leave for Gurgaon. I called up my partner in crime for consolation and suggestions. Then I thought why not give it a try. Even if we are too late, then it would be just another Saturday outing. So I booked a cab but there too was an obstacle. Drivers were refusing to cross Haryana border because of the Jat unrest. Now what? Hindrance after hindrance. But now I was more determined to turn the tide of things.

I decided to take the metro. Hubs (being the practical person) tried to deter me saying we would not make it on time. I refused to obey him and boarded the metro at half past four. He joined me at Connaught Place.

We finally got down after one and a half hours and after a cab ride, we finally made it to the venue. All my foul mood vanished after I entered there. We were greeted by smiling faces and roses. Neha, the person who invited me immediately came to us and welcomed us. Then the designer of Tia Jewels, Shallu Jain joined us and took me for a tour of her exquisite jewelry.

The pieces are gorgeous. Diamonds, ruby, gold, silver, polki and all my favourite things. I wanted to own them all! I tried a few of them. They are magnificient! The best part? They are not exorbitantly priced. Since Tia Jewels is for real women, they don't have a celebrity brand ambassador. The brand was unveiled by the Director of Cloud Nine Hospital , Sr Gynaecologist Dr Witty Raina along with other epitomes of strength, style and sophistication, yeah, The Modern Women. The event was also graced by renowned Dental Surgeon, Dr Kriti Akroili, Dr Shaguna Mahajan, famous pediatrician, Anju Anand owner of Bella Vita ( Makeup and Salon studio), Neha (Manager in Genpact), Shivani Gupta ( Principal of Bal Bhawan Play School) and Leena Thukral ( Principal of Leens Nestling) and other examples of excellence and honor.

Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell. Shallu spends time on extensive research..seeking the perfect inspiration for her collection. From Cartier to Titanic, she finds inspiration in top notch designs. There was also a beautiful art wall and I loved looking at those canvas paintings. After a cup of coffee and snacks, we made our way back with beautiful memories.

Every piece of jewelry tells a story. This blue heart shaped pendant is inspired by Kate Winslet's iconic pendant in Titanic. The chain is of silver and of a very unique design. 

Notice the Ruby ring and the polki bracelet. You cant neglect the other ones too! They all are so beautiful!

The gorgeous display of Tia jewels...wanted to have them all!

Notice my ring...I definitely want this solitaire!!

These pearls and the earrings  were one of my favourites!!

Fruits of intricate craftsmanship...

Soaking myself in some art...
I wore:
Blazer: Vero Moda
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Adidas
Purse: Guess by Marciano

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  1. Tia Jewels indeed have a great collection, love that baali you are trying out there.

    Style.. A Pastiche! -

  2. I can see some gorgeous pieces there 😊

  3. You look amazing Mandira. I haven't met a woman that's not into jewelry too. I love all the pieces. The blue heart necklace is totally amazing. I'm glad you still managed to attend the event. Have a great Tuesday!