Rise and shine

by - 2/01/2016

Good morning all! Happy February!! Its a beautiful day! My typical day starts with a hot mug of freshly brewed coffee. Okay that was a joke! The first thing that I do in the morning is brush my teeth! It infuses a wave of freshness in me! And when I brush with such a beautiful golden toothbrush (you know how much I love Gold) and mornings would be definitely golden ones!

There are a lot of things that turn my good morning into a gold one. My peacefully sleeping tiny daughter is the first person whom I see after opening my eyes. Though she is an extremely mischievous child, she looks very innocent while sleeping. Though I feel like cuddling her tightly, I refrain from doing so in order not to wake her up. As soon as she wakes up her innocence would turn into mischief and her parents (and my parents too) would be in trouble. Its a different story altogether that she senses something as soon as I leave her side and starts yelling Mumma Mumma!

My day ( and my husband's too) starts on a very hectic note. As soon as I finish whipping up a good breakfast (you know the foodie in me...I can't compromise on food) we rush to Noida to drop our daughter at my parents' place. This involves driving quite a bit and that too braving the morning traffic. So I usually play dance songs on a loud volume in the car for a preppy mood. After we come back, we get ready for the long day ahead.

Since our lives are so hectic, I make sure I follow few rules to turn every mornings into golden ones:

I cook up a nice breakfast.
No matter how late I am running, I clean the house before leaving so that I come back to a beautifully made home.
I cuddle my baby tightly throughout the car journey. Her smile and warmth  makes my day.
I wish my husband to have a great day at work.
I thank God for giving us yet another beautiful day and try to remain positive throughout the day. 
I try to smile throughout the day and wish every member of my workplace Good Morning.

When I recieved this beautiful hamper from Colgate, my morning already got better!

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