Tito's lane

by - 11/19/2015

Its not that often that I go bar hopping...in fact never..that too alone at a new place!! But that day had already gone crazy...I never had been scared to death before. Remember that old man and his axe here? I was almost anticipating that weapon coming over our throats!! Those were the longest 20 minutes of my life. Then again on the way to Anjuna Flea market. remember the mishap here?I never had such an accident before. I was already petrified of motorbikes and now that I had a grave fall, I am terrified like hell! So what could possibly happen worse? It was one of the longest, most eventful day of my life: 
Calangute beach in the morning, Trek to Lamgao caves then visiting Aravalam, falling from bike on the way to Anjuna Flea market, Shopping like crazy in the flea market ( hubby wanted to cheer me up), romping in the serene backwaters of Chapora river, then driving to Morjim beach where we swam after the life guards had blown their whistles and gorging on a 1.2 kilo red snapper alone.....Phew phew phew!! What could have been possibly left out? We had travelled almost 150 kms on the bike.

After we returned to our hotel, we had plans of enjoying the night life of Baga which was just a couple of kms away. The previous night we were in Baga too; but this night we had plans of prancing in Tito's lane exclusively.

Baga is infamous for its nightlife. The hippest of discotheques and pubs were there. Tito's lane was lined with all these places. Its environment reminded me of Patong, Phuket but sans the raw and open sex. Music was glaring and so were the lights.

Girls entry was free at most of the places and so were unlimited drinks for the chicks. Hubby being a teetotaler, there was no use of paying such big amounts just for dancing. We had already danced to our heart's content the night before. Then he had a terrible as well as terrific suggestion.
He sent me to the hippest pub and asked me to dance and enjoy myself.
Apprehensive at first, I agreed. I was not going to come to Goa at least for the next couple of years so I should give it a shot. So I went inside. People were drunk and dancing like crazy. I spotted a group of young Gujrati college couples and joined them. For the drinks, I had blue night gin, vodka and coke. I also made friends with an elderly lady and made her dance!! In short I had a wonderful time!!

In the meantime, since my official photographer was not with me, I grabbed anyone to take a picture. After all I had to show hubby everything!!

In midst of the chaos and tiredness, we had forgotten to take our camera. Hence poor phone pictures!! At the end I was sooooo tired that I could barely move!! My legs gave away while ascending the stairs of our hotel room and I slipped!! Oh wow!! I hurt my other shin this time!! What an incredible ending to this super awesome  20 hours!!

in the bar..in the car..iske nahkre hai hazaar :p :p


Glaring lights and music...

with my blue night gin...

Performers with fire balls...

Schezwan rice for dinner... I was already full with the 1.2 kilo red snapper!!

This lady was from Hyderabad. Her husband was dancing while she was sitting alone. Good that I got her for company!!

Top: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Earrings: Claire's

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  1. Cool images and great food. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Looks like you had fun! I also don't go bar hopping, here in Sicily we call our cafès bars, but they are actually cafè, where you sit outside and enjoy looking at the passersby:)

  3. Great picture! I love your look, beautiful skirt!