Gift yourself happiness

by - 11/02/2015

Happy Diwali in advance loves! Its just a week away! So are you done with your shopping yet? What is your favourite part of Diwali? The fireworks, lights, sweets, decorations or the gifts? Well for me its a bit of everything. But what I love most is buying gifts for my loved ones.

Gift yourself happiness
The real happiness comes from seeing your loved ones happy. There are so many ways to make them happy. A delicious home cooked meal, a bunch of flowers or a surprise gift! The real beauty of a surprise lies in its utility. When you desperately need something and your loved one slips it in like a Santa is like a dream come true. So this Diwali I am planning something my Dad truly needs....a smartphone!

Like every father, this parent generation needs a major technology makeover. They really need to get rid of their archaic phones and embrace technology. I am tired of sending my father text messages. I mean who in this world does in the age of whatsapp and messenger? So its decided now I am gifting him a new age smartphone. In today's world its indeed a task to find the right smartphone that both fits your budget and needs. There are so many to choose from. While browsing for options I came across a delightful offer here and thought of sharing with you all.

I have been a fan of zenfone since long. I have used the zenfone 5 and have been lusting after the Zenfone 2. So when I saw this incredible offer of ASUS, I could resist no longer.

My Dad needs a phone that is easy to use. He has very basic needs but would be delighted with new age technology! He needs an excellent camera to take pictures of the apple of his eyes (read my daughter). And a super fast RAM would ensure that he would be able to follow the stock market more precisely! After I analysed his needs, I zeroed down to Zenfone 2 Laser. With its fast processor and 13 MP camera, its the best for him. Moreover its Corning Gorilla 4 glass means that it would be able to survive the wrath of my daughter! Once you have a baby at home, your preferences change. I mean you look for both looks and durability. The Zenfone 2 Laser is a perfect example of that!

Whats even more delightful is that when you pick a zenfone for your loved one, chances are you would win something for yourself too! You can win a an E Gift voucher worth Rs1000 every hour and a gold voucher worth Rs 25000 everyday! Check out this incredible offer here. So its #HarPalHappiness on flipkart when you buy a Zenfone!


According to yoga, the best relationship in the world is the one with yourself. Therefore its very important to gift yourself happiness. So what are you waiting for? Grab hold of this win win situation this Diwali!

Gift your loved ones happiness and it would come back to you!

Happy Diwali once again loves!

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  1. I love the ASUS phone, but hubby got me a new m stuck with it. :(