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by - 11/21/2015

Enjoying my Juice magazine amidst the nature...

Receiving a gift is one of those things that brings a level of joy disproportionate to its size. It can be anything...a chocolate, flower or a book! It brings happiness to me nonetheless!

 One fine morning when I knocked my parents' door to drop off my baby (I do that everyday before going for work) my mom handed me a package. What is it? I asked. I wasn't expecting anything. On the way back in the car I could not wait and ripped off the cover. A surprise waited for me. It was 'The Juice magazine'!

For any fashionista a fashion magazine is food for thought and I am no different. Remember Carrie Bradshaw's words...."When I came to New York in the beginning I bought Vogue instead of dinner because it fed me more". Well I can totally relate to her. I can spend endless hours drooling over the contents of a glossy magazine.

To start with The Juice has it all. The November issue is a potpourri of everything that a girl wants. From fashion to make up to travel and health. All the sections are my favourite. So where should I start?

Saree in a never seen before avatar!

Fashion: They have the new arrivals from various brands. They have handpicked various outfits according to categories like brocade, boho, beachy etc. This issue focuses on ethnic as November is the month of festivities.

Ethnicity with a twist: Give the nine yard wonder a new life. Yes, the age old saree gets a makeover. Learn how to drape saree in a never seen before avatar. From tying huge bow knots to wearing it as a kaftan, the modest saree gets a glam makeover!

Make up: Every girl likes make up. Those who say they don't are lying! I agree to a very wise man's saying(read my husband)...Even the choicest of diamonds needs to be carved and  polished to exhibit its glory! Similarly a girl, no matter how beautiful she is needs make up to look her best!
My favourite part is the budget buy section. Who says you have to buy exorbitant brands to look best. The Juice team has assembled all kinds of cosmetics that will make you look like your favourite stars. From Katrina Kaif to Sonam Kapoor, emulating their looks is a cakewalk! The perfect Diwali look!


Wedding trivia: November is also the month of weddings. This issue has a host of wedding planning advice. From choosing the perfect baker to intricate invites, you sure would love this section even if you are not tying the knot!


The Lust List: Last but not the least all the items to look out for this winter! I always restock my wardrobe every season and this kind of guide helps a lot in building my closet. A fashionista's ultimate shopping guide.

              I simply can't wait for the December issue!

Engrossed in my Juice magazine

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  1. This magazine sounds really interesting. I will check to see if they send it here to Sicily.

  2. interesting magazine!!! nice post!

  3. I love juice, but I really like this post. Well written.


  4. I'm the same. I can't get enough of fashion magazines (and gossip). It amazing to see how this magazine is different from the ones over here. For example May in the wedding month in Europe. No one weds in November. It's too cold and gloomy :) Wish you a happy Sunday Mandira!

    xx glamdevils.com / miasmode.blogspot.com

  5. The magazine sounds interesting..will check it out... :-)