The one thing you need during this lockdown

by - 5/15/2020

This lockdown has been a blow to everyone of us. To put in a better way, this Corona pandemic has disturbed our lives like nothing else. Lockdown is like a protective shield from the infection. Whether you are working from home, have to go to the hospital amidst infections (medical professionals like me and my husband), frontline workers, have lost their jobs or are working overtime to make ends meet, we all are in desperate need of a wonder oil that can infuse life in us.

If you are suffering from hairfall or premature greying of hair from all the stress regarding the future/ economic meltdown or health concerns, you need a head massage with Nature Sure Kalonji oil to beat those. Kalonji oil is known to fight hairfall and premature greying of hair.

If your joints and back are aching from the daily sweeping, mopping and cleaning, then you can massage your joints with Kalonji oil. It's known to reduce inflammatory pains.

If you are suffering from constipation because of the lack of movement (lockdown duh) then Kalonji oil acts as a laxative.

If you want to keep your blood pressure in control and prevent it from shooting up because of the increasing stress, Kalonji oil would help.

If your menstrual cramps are reducing your productivity and you can't manage your periods with kids, household and work, kalonji oil would rescue you.

If you want to strengthen your immunity (who doesn't want to at this stage?), Kalonji oil would do wonders.

Last but not the least, if you are lacking in energy (which is much needed for the added chores), take Kalonji oil would do the needful.

To sum up, it's a wonder oil. But what actually is Kalonji oil?

Kalonji oil is extracted from Nigella sativa seeds or black seeds or onion seeds (yes the ones used for cooking.)
Nature Sure Kalonji Oil is cold pressed oil extracted from 100% Nigella sativa seeds. The moment you open the bottle, you get the familiar smell of onion seeds.

It is 100% pure and hence fit for both local application and oral consumption.

To sum up, Nature Sure Kalonji oil is helpful in the following conditions and even more.

  • Manages Diabetes
  • Stimulates digestion, acts as a laxative.
  • Potects eyes, heart and kidneys
  • Cures headache, joint pain and cramps.
  • Treats hemorrhoids
  • Boosts energy, stamina and immunity.
  • Useful in asthma, hepatitis and cancer.
  • Aids breastfeeding
  • Useful in deworming

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil is priced at 309 INR for a 110 ml bottle and available at all e commerce sites.

Are you getting yourself one bottle? What is your secret formula for surviving this lockdown?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful article with us I never heard that Kalonji Oil help in strengthen our immunity. I will definitely going to try this

  2. Im really suffering from heavy hair fall & some pains; i think i should use this oil; ddnt know kalonji had so many health benefits.

  3. Wow never knew kalonji oil has so many benefits. I am surely gonna try it specially for hair fall issue.

  4. Kalonji is one of the most amazing offerings in our medical and ayurveda history
    And the oil u mentioned really shows the many benefits of its goodness.

  5. Reading the title, I thought you were going to say peace of mind considering the fatigue you are going through during the lockdown. But this is also a good thing to have. Save your hair!

  6. Wow didn't know so much about kalonji oil. Gonna try this out for sure. I am having a hard time with menstrual pain. Thanks for sharing

  7. Wow! So many benefits from the oil was never known to me before. Thank you sharing this at the perfect time when most of us may require it.

  8. Never knew the multiple benefits of Kalonji Oil; in fact I hadn't even heard about this oil until you mentioned it. I'll give it a try during lockdown. Thanks for your lovely post, Mandira.

  9. I have never used it but I will definitely try it once .

  10. Glad to know a product that is versatile in its own way. I am loving it more than anything else.

  11. I have never heard about this oil. Though we use this kalonji for cooking but Seeing the benefits of this oil I think I would love to try this.