Seven Self Care Tips while staying home

by - 5/01/2020

It's been quite a while now that things are far from normal. The uncertainty of this period is making it worse. Many people have lost their jobs while the ones working from homes have tonnes to do. Working moms are especially having a tough time as they have to slog non stop and work and take care of their kids without any external help. When women we are healthy and happy, our families would be do. Self care is not selfishness, it's a necessity. Here are a few rituals that we should practice for our mental and physical sanity. 

Start a gratitude journal. In these uncertain times it's important to count our blessings to maintain positivity. This is a great way to do so.

Read a good book. Okay how many times we have bought a bestseller but never got the oppurtunity to actually read it? This is the time. Reading is therapeutic both for the mind and soul.

Workout and meditate. It's a no brainer that working out release endorphins into our system and this makes us feel good. We need to keep ourselves moving for maintaining metabolism. Meditation is workout for the soul. If you don't find time, meditate before going to sleep.

Take care of your intimate self. It's been found that stress leads to increased incidences of Urinary Tract infections and fungal infections like Candidiasis. Visiting the Gynae is the last thing we want in this lockdown.

Why is intimate hygiene important?
The female intimate area has  Lactobacillus ie lactic acid secreting bacteria. Now these are protective bacteria which help in fighting infections, odour and irritation. These bacterial flora start developing around puberty and cease after menopause. That's why elderly females and young girls are more prone to infection.
This area needs cleaning at least twice a day to fight odour and infections and of course growth of harmful bacteria/fungi like yeast, candida etc. Now if the female private parts are washed with soap and water, the alkaline nature of the soap would kill the lactic acid  producing bacteria making the area more prone to infections.

Hence a specialised product is needed for washing which is fulfilled by Everteen Natural Intimate Wash.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is a pH balanced liquid that is especially formulated fir cleaning the female private parts.

How does it help?
Maintains healthy bacterial flora.
Maintains vaginal moisture.
Prevents unpleasant odour and maintains freshness.
Prevents itching and irritation.
Maintains natural pH balance

What does it contain?
It contains Ficus glomerata, Butea frondosa, Sphatika, Aloe vera and all natural ingredients.
It is soap, SLS and SLES free.
It is extra mild for all skin types.
Recommended for all ages.

Price: 180 INR for a bottle of 105 ml. Available at all major e commerce sites.

For moms and elderly women, there is a specialised product. 
Recommended for moms, everteen Witch Hazel Natural Intimate Wash is suitable for all skin types. Witch Hazel is a fragrant shrub native to forests and woodlands in North America, which offers several natural medicinal properties. everteen Witch Hazel Intimate Wash also helps relieve itching, irritation and burning sensation that may be caused by hemorrhoids or irregular bowel movement with age. Witch Hazel is also useful in managing pain and swelling (inflammation), repair of skin injury, bruises, minor burns, or general skin sensitivity in intimate areas that affects several mothers in post-partum phase and later after the birth of a child.

Price: 200 INR for 105 ml pump bottle.

For teenage girls, there is another specialised product.
Enriched with the goodness of yogurt, neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and aloe vera, everteen Yogurt Natural Intimate Wash is especially formulated for teens. Prepared with 100% natural ingredients that are medically proven to prevent vaginal yeast infection, this everteen intimate hygiene wash is enriched with yogurt, which is a good source of lactobacillus and helps restore a healthy vaginal balance.

Price: 200 INR for 105 ml pump bottle. 

Now if you want even an easier way to maintain freshness, foam is the answer.

everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash is a revolutionary new way of maintaining everyday feminine hygiene. Made with natural active ingredients such as neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and aloe vera, it is safe for your skin and helps protect you against various vaginal infections. It also helps maintain the natural pH balance of your intimate areas.

285 INR for 150 ml pump bottle.

How to use?
Wash your hands.
Wet external vaginal area.
Pour enough quantity of the product on to palm.
Apply externally on the vaginal area.
Rinse thoroughly.
Use twice daily.

Create a feel good playlist. Music is the soul of life. Curate a list of your favourite songs and play at least once a day.

Upgrade your shower or bath. Nothing is more pampering than a warm bath after all the chores. Light a candle, put on music and pour your favourite shower gel.

Do something fun with your friends. Thankfully we live in this digital era where social distancing does not mean that we can't meet our friends virtually. Set a fun theme zoom meeting with your girlfriends from time to time to cheer yourself up.

So girls have you started taking care of yourselves? Remember when you are healthy and happy, your family would do. 

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  2. Taking care of yourself is important so you are equipped to help your family through this time. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips.

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  4. What an absolute lovely article! I love the photos and the ideas - they are good suggestions which once included would be so reassuring. Definitely you are right, hygiene wash is a good inclusion to our self care - definitely donot need the itch in this weather nor a visit to a doctor!

  5. Self care is really important and maintaining a gratitude book is something I feel is the best one can do.

  6. Lovely article and great tips for taking care of ourselves during this time. Reading a book and talking to friends really makes me happy.

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