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by - 10/01/2014

Its that time of the year again...Durga Puja!! Just like every year since childhood, I have big big plans. As the Puja has started yesterday, today is Saptami. I am at my parents place as this the best time to enjoy with family! Its more about familiarity than pompousness. However I wont be the right person to comment on this as the Durga Puja of Noida Sector 62 ( my place since teens) has a very extravagant puja. So for me its both familiarity and pompousness!!

Last year's puja was very special. Yes, I was four months into my pregnancy!! So this year, we have a new member who would be attending the puja for the first time!! My parents as well as me are super excited. As you must know, we Bengalis don new things form head to toe during this time ( apart from apparels, accessories,undergarments too). So during this five days long extravaganza, we have atleast 10 new sets of clothes to wear...stress on the word at least :D This year I have bought about fourteen sets of dresses. But the princess this time is my daughter as she has so many new clothes that I could literally change her every hour for these five days!!

As I look forward to enjoy this festival with the latest love of my life, here is a round up of my favourite moments of last year's Durga Puja. There were about 360 photos out of which I narrowed down to these... Phew!! As I recapitulate those precious moments, I really wonder when I gonna lose weight and come back to my previous self :( I am unable to make out myself that I was four months in these pictures....Really??

the Durga Idol of Noida sec 50
This pandal won the first prize in East Delhi..100% eco friendly pandal!!

the pandal of Vasundhara Enclave 

leaving the pandal after late night concert...

eco friendly pandal...

Pandal in the form of Sarat Kuti i.e the model house of eminent writer Sarat Chandra Chaterjee

This pandal displayed all the forms of Maa Durga...

The pandals are usually so crowded that its a daunting task to photoshoot!! Thanks to hubbys patience that I have all these pics!!

Eco friendly is in fashion...

looking forward to the myriad of gourmet treats...I always gain a couple of kilos after Durga Puja!!

Feast to the eyes...eagerly waiting for more works of art!! Beautiful Durga idols!!
White dress : Old Navy
Blue Dress: Forever21
Brown Dress: Splash
Bag : Pierre Cardin

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  1. It's a beautiful festival and you will enoy it with your new family!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. What a great festivities and how excited you must feel to share with your little one this year.

  3. Happy Durga Puja! Wow amazing pics. I wish we had something like that over here too. The perfect excuse to buy more dresses!! Enjoy the festivities and take a lot of pics. I want to see all your new dresses <3 Happy Wednesday pretty!!


  4. I love the food at durga pujo pandals the best!! Thats why I go there though this year havent stepped out at all!! Congrats on the newest member of your family!

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  6. Being a bengali Durga puja is not only a festival, it's our emotion

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