An 'educational' trip...

by - 10/07/2014

I am finally back in town!! As I said here, this was the first time that I was alone out of station! How I spent 12 long days without my family; more importantly my 6 month old infant is a gruelling story. I had never lived in a hostel in my student life and now that I am a mother, I had to part from her for so many days! Life can play such games! And the worst of all, the exams were even more brutal. I had joined my masters quite late, so I had to appear for the first year exams within a fortnight of joining. Phew! Now that everything is over, I can sit back and relish the nice moments in between those gruelling days!!

We were a group of 20 doctors ( 8 girls and 12 boys) who went to Dehradun for the exams. Our University being Uttarakhand university, everything official has to get done at Dehradun. Anyways, Dehradun is already a tourist place where I have been a number of times. But revisiting never hurts me. What was perturbing was that we were there for about a week and a half with 6 written exams to appear into. I wanted to travel a bit in between the tests but wasnot sure of my group. As I had speculated, my group was not as adventurous as me ( atleast not the girls and I could not travel with the boys) and we ended up spending our off days in the city itself. However we did manage to visit a few nice spots in and around the city. 

I was homesick to the core and used to weep at night. My mom was taking care of my daughter and she used to miss me more than I did. I even missed her first proper crawling steps!! She literally drove my mom crazy in that period! 

Who likes to study especially when the subjects are management and stuff? That too hundreds of kilometers away from home! I am used to munching tit bits throughout my study time but there in the guest house that was not possible. I had to run to the market for every small thing and that was annoying. Anyways we were a bunch of foodies who literally ate about the town!! Unlike our fellow peers, we spent thousands on fine dining in these days! I simply cannot compromise on food!! But I am sure I have a put on weight after these continuous days of eating greasy food!

In a nutshell, I had fun with my peers but I was sad and frustrated most of the times. My agony and homesickness is not apparent from the pictures. In fact when I was going through the album, I felt that I had a great time! So now, I would just want to live with these happy memories....

p.s All these pictures have been taken by my phone. I could not risk taking my camera and leaving it unattended in the guest house!!

riding tractor for the first time!!
Boarding the Shatabdi Express...I was undertaking a lone journey for the first time in my life and that too for 12 long days!!

the balcony overlooked the national highway....irritatingly noisy throughout the day as well as night...

we used to fine dine almost everyday!! clockwise from left: Afgani chicken, prawns, Singapori noodles, lemon chicken. I could take food pics only on those days when my friends would not attack on the food as soon as it arrived!!

home away from home....

the best part of our meals!! We used to ask any guy from our group to get breakfast for all of us on off days. As soon as it would arrive, we used to gorge on them voraciously!!
the foodie group who spent thousands on eating out everyday everynight!!

a gang of doctors having fun!!
homeward bound...the best feeling in this world!!

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  1. M sorry u had to part with ur daughter..but m glad u r back. U look so gorgeous..glowing as always.
    I wish u cud come to my bloggers meet. :(


  2. I bet it was hard to be apart from your precious daughter but it all worth it when you put your knowledge to use and it will benefit her. The images are perfect and look at it making new friends learning new things eating delicious food a memory sure to cherish welcome to your home.

  3. Postagem maravilhosa arrasou nas imagens todas ótimas
    Canal de youtube:

  4. You had such a hard time and I guess you are happiest now that you are close to your munchkin. SUBHO BIJOYA and have a lovely time with your family...

  5. I'm sure it wasn't easy for you to be away from your family :/

  6. it must have been such a tough experience!:( I'm glad you're finally home!♥ lovely pictures!:)

  7. That must have been hard to be away from your family and your cute lil girl. Unbelievable that you have be sad and homesick. You look amazing and happy on the pics. Yeah looks can be deceiving. The food looks so yummy and you made me hungry. Have a wonderful day pretty!!


  8. great photos dear !

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.