An 'Imperfecto' birthday...

by - 10/19/2014

It started out all wrong. Yes, one of my most awaited days of the year, husband's birthday went wrong right from the beginning!! I think there is a history already! Read here!! Firstly, his birthday was falling on Wednesday, his busiest day of the week as many surgeries are scheduled on that day. Usually he comes back at around 1 in the morning on Wednesdays. Then he had his 24 hours duty the next day.On Friday, which could have been celebratory, it was our niece's birthday.

So I thought of planning something on Tuesday night. I decided that after he comes back from work, we would go out and stay out till midnight; ringing in his birthday. So I made a reservation at an upscale place and asked him to come home as early as possible. It was already half past eight. Nowadays I need plenty of time to get ready. (I am a very quick person otherwise) Before going out anywhere, I have to spoonfeed my daughter ( which is a war in itself!!) , then I have to dress her up..chances are quite high that she would soil her clothes and I have to redress her again!! After all this turmoil, I have my chance to get ready!!
By the time we all got dressed, it was 9 30. Our reservations were at 8 30. We were already an hour late. So what was use of going so late? I decided to cancel.So that was the burial of our celebratory plans!!

I refused to give up. As our calender was full till Friday, I planned to go out on Saturday night. This time we dropped our baby at my mom's, so it was easier already. We headed out to the swankiest  eating joint in Delhi....Hauz Khas Village. 
Coincidentally, the name of our place was 'Imperfecto'. Could the name have been more perfect? It was mainly a Mediterranean place with an Arabic decor ( sand all around) and quirky items placed all over. The delicious food, awesome live music and the ambiance brought the jinxed birthday to an end!!

I am not comfortable with close ups, but I love this photo nonetheless!!

An Imperfecto birthday...ideally it should be the birthday boy  in the picture but hes the one behind the lens! 

nachos, moussaka, hummus, ginger ale and sparkling water...

wining and dining the night away...

all sorts of crazy memorabilia all around!!

the place was a combination of quirky and beachy...

There was a stream flowing all around the place...

the sand all around gave the place a desert feel!!

the belated birthday boy!!
mind blowing live music!!

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  1. I'm really glad it all ended well :) Amd you're right, what a funny name, because of all that happended :)

  2. Eiii what a funny birthday!!
    Lucky you! :)


  3. Happy birthday!
    Amazing pics sweetie
    Maggie D.
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  4. cute bag"! happy b day!

  5. At the end it was a great celebration, happy bday to your hubby!

  6. Aww Happy Birthday and lovely photos <3

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  7. Wow! Happy birthday!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP