The real empowerment of women

by - 9/27/2022


The constitution of India provides equal opportunity to women in every sphere of life. There are special laws in our constitution to avoid the exploitation of women in our nation. Although India has been trying to empower women, are Indian women really empowered?

It's paradoxical. At one point we say that women are empowered yet a female can't buy/ hold a sanitary pad in public. That is why when a female need to change her sanitary napkin, she would never take a walk of pride to the restroom instead she would either grab a purse or any cloth to hide her sanitary pad in it.

Not every woman in our nation is equally privileged & blessed to have a safe and broad-minded environment to discuss their menstruation queries or experiences in their home which leads to a lack of menstrual awareness and an abundance of menstrual myths. On one hand, Indian women like Falguni Nayar from Nykaa and P.V Sindhu Badminton Player have made not only the nation but the whole world proud by brightening up India’s name.

And on the other hand, there are girls out there, dropping out of school due to a lack of menstrual awareness. Who knows if these little shining stars would be the next Falguni Nayar and  P.v Sindhu

There are numerous factors contributing their part to this unfavorable situation of women in our nation and one of them is “Hypocrisy”. We believe Hypocrisy has played a major role in this whole scenario as for centuries, women have been on the center stage whether we talk about  Vedic culture, where the most important early divinities were women like Usha or dawn. In fact, in our culture, Navratri is celebrated where for 9 continuous days a girl is worshipped and people would touch her feet, and offer her everything that brings her comfort and joy.

On the contrary, no one would be concerned about her comfort when it comes to those days of the month. This is what hypocrisy looks like and we need to put an end to it.


We took a step forward to make the world understand the meaning of “Women Empowerment” by making them realize how they are incompletely empowering women. The empowerment of women has been somewhere limited to what has been written in books. No one is taking a step forward to think out of the book and empower women in real ways. We realized that people have understood the concept of “Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao” but what next? Yes, Indians are trying their best to empower women but Why is women's empowerment limited to education only? Real empowerment starts from home. And Indian women do not have the right to openly discuss and talk about periods in their homes. What kind of empowerment is this? What is the point of giving education to your daughters when they don’t have the freedom to express their views openly?


Our motive is to complete this incomplete empowerment without leaving any space for exceptions. We want the world to know the literal meaning of “Women Empowerment”. We are looking forward to encouraging families to have an open discussion about periods in their homes so that our little angels don’t have to roam here and there to accumulate information to know themselves and their bodies more accurately.


 We request you to help us reach as many families as possible with this campaign so that we can encourage open discussions about menstruation in our society.

  • Tie a red scarf around your waist and post a picture with #BloodyHypocrisy. Don’t forget to tag  @everteen_wd


  • Tie a red scarf around your waist and post a picture in the frame with #BloodyHypocrisy. Don’t forget to tag  @everteen_wd


  • You can also use the filter and record yourself while checking your hypocrisy level and post it on your social media with #BloodyHypocrisy. Don’t forget to tag  @everteen_wd


  • You can use the frame and record yourself saying “agar chot ka blood normal hai to period k blood par chuppi kyu?” and post it on your social media handle with #BloodyHypocrisy. Don’t forget to tag  @everteen_wd


Let us women be empowered in the truest sense.

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  1. Surely going to participate & contribute in this wonderful initaitive. And tell about this to others too

  2. This is a very good initiative by the Everteen brand. Periods talk is the need of an hour & it will surely empower women.

    I will contribute in this initiative too.

  3. This is a good step taken by Everteen. I will contribute in this initiative too. To start the conversation on period talk early and slowly build on child's understanding better.

  4. What a sensitive post. Sitting in India it is so important that we contribute towards such causes I want to be a part of this and shall forward it to anybody who might be interested.

  5. What a lovely initiative. I will try to participate and I am all about women empowerment and growth. Thanks for taking this step.

  6. That is such a well though initiative for women , its so important to contribute and be a part of this important conversation