Is Mount Batur trek worth the risk? Amora Bali and Tirta Ganga, Bali

by - 9/20/2022


If you have least interest in Geography, you know that Indonesia is the land of active volcanoes. Bali, the most popular island for tourists has three active volcanoes: Mount Agung (which erupted in 2019), Mount Batur and Mount Braya Bratan. These volcanoes are popular for trekking/hiking, and we like any other adventurous traveller, wanted to get a taste of it.

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When we reached Bali after a lot of research, we realised that that the trek needed one full day. Which meant having to cut off few touristy spots. So we decided to ride to the base of the mountain and watch it up, close and personal from below. However things took an unexpected turn on the way.

The volcano is indeed beautiful from a distance but it gets concealed by clouds more often you would like. Hence we could hardly capture it to our satisfaction. It was afternoon when we started and while on the way, we spotted a very pretty restaurant. We were really famished (had breakfast early in the morning) and the place offered stunning views of the Mount Batur. We were sold. Later on ,after we returned to India, we realised that Amora Bali is a really famous restaurant that deserves a visit.

We decided to have lunch on the balcony (of course for the view). They offered buffet only. and I had a really good time with all the sea food and stuff. The husband had a variety of vegetarian options.

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By the time we were full, it was already 4. It was too late. Also, we were pretty satisfied looking at the volcano while stuffing ourselves. So we decided to head to our next destination, Tirta Ganga, which was located on opposite side of the island from there. It meant a really long ride.

By the time we reached Tirta Ganga, it was dark. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. I mean we rode all the way and Ubud (the place where we were staying) was one hell of a ride from there, all was for nothing! The place is poorly lit; it's not meant for after sunset. It's absolutely stunning and we regret till date about not having being able to visit this place in its full glory.

It's basically a royal palace, with water fountains all around and bright and big goldfishes swimming in those waters. You can jump from one stone to another over the pond for pictures. It's a delightful experience.

This palace was almost destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Agung in 1963.

Heartbroken, we clicked what we could manage and then left in a hurry because Ubud was really a long way.

Has this ever happened to you? That you had planned of something and were unable to explore it properly; even after you reached there?

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  1. The view from Amora Bali is simply spectacular. Such a pity that you could not see Tirta Ganga in its full glory, I am sure you would make up for it, next time around.

  2. The view and a good meal is the best kind of holiday for me :)
    Its sad that you missed seeing some of the places, but perhaps this is the universe nudging you to return for another trip :)
    Ive had trips where things didnt go as planned, you make the best of it, what else can one do!

  3. I loved Ubud but i did not know about Tirta Ganga. Big hug you didn't enjoy this part of your trip. But your description has stoked my curiosity!

  4. Yeah there is always some reasons or not meant to be I think. So it’s ok if we missed out something during our travel explore for whatsoever.

    But u have helped travellers by sharing ur experience & now I know I should visit it during daytime.

    Also, Mount Batur looks alluring.