Helpful ways to strengthen your immunity

by - 4/06/2020

If there is something that can prevent us from getting infected from COVID 19 (apart from precautions) is strong immunity. Although immunity is a very vast topic (ask my 2nd year medical college self studying microbiology) I am here to enumerate a few basic yet important pointers from a layman's point of view. It's been found (although not proved yet) that Vitamin D is protective against Covid 19. Also quinine in modern medicine and Arsenic Album 30 in homeopathy is a supposed prophylactic. Although none have been proved yet.

So how can we enhance our immunity?

There are mainly two types of immunity: Innate immunity (the one with which we are born; general capability of our body to fight diseases) and Acquired immunity (the one which we build because of exposure to antigens, vaccinations, etc etc).

We really cannot tamper with Innate immunity so of course everything we do modifies our acquired immunity.

1. Diet: You are what you eat! If you eat junk like chips and wafers then your body is going to be hollow too! Take a rainbow diet. The more colours in your diet, more the anti oxidants and healthier you are going to be.
These are indispensable for immunity:
Vitamin C : Fruits and vegetables like oranges, grapefruit, green and red bell peppers, kiwi fruits, strawberry, guava, etc.
Vitamin E: wheatgerm oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanut butter
Carotenoids: Carrots, pumpkin, ripe papaya, sweet potato, spinach, kale, apricots etc.
Food rich in zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids like cashew nuts, salmon, mackerel, chia seed, chickpeas, beans, etc.
I advise all my patients to eat one carrot daily in the morning. The easiest way to boost immunity and get glowing skin!
2. Healthy lifestyle: Do not smoke, drink lots of water, eight hours of sleep (sleep is directly proportional to immunity), exercise regularly, shower daily, clean surroundings, etc etc.

3, Fight stress and stay positive: Sometimes stress becomes an integral part of our lives. However we should know how to ward off stress. Sound mental health boosts immunity.

  • Laugh more often
  • Have a positive outlook towards life
  • Meditate regularly
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • If alone, adopt a pet
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Read good books
  • Seek help if you are dealing with lows in life.
4. Role of supplements: Supplements play a huge part in increasing immunity. Firstly because it is slightly difficult to consume a balanced diet everyday and secondly because we need immunity boosters especially in these difficult times. A global pandemic is a serious matter!

Although supplements like multivitamins help to some extent, it's more important to consume something really specific for immunity. I particularly like Ayurvedic formulations as they are tried and tested since ages. These days I am taking Nature Sure Ganoderma which is an age old formula to ward off diseases. It is being used for the past 4000 years in countries like India, Japan, Korea and China.
What is Nature Sure Ganoderma made of?
It is made of Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom which is also known as The Mushroom of immortality or Mushroom of spiritual potency. Commonly known as Reishi mushroom or linghzi. 

These capsules are naturally powerful in boosting health and longevity in men and women. 

What does it do?
  • It helps grow and strengthen T and B cells, which are major defenders in the Immune system.
  • Strengthens the  body's defense against external harmful agents like smoke, dust, pollution, etc
  • It releases more energy. 
  • Enables you to take greater exertion for longer duration in a natural manner.
  • Boosts cellular health
  • Helps in reversing damage at the cellular level because of smoking and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Accelerates the healing process of cells.
  • Reduces fatigue for peak performance.
  • Effective for sportpersons dealing with altitude 
Assured quality from Nature Sure, a brand that is trusted globally for its products made with 100 percent pure and top-grade ingredients at gmp- and iso-certified units.

How to take: Two capsules 

Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, children and infants.
People on immunosuppressants should consult their physician before use.

Price: 1480 INR for a bottle of 60 tablets. Available on all major E commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc etc.

Hope you are all safe. Let's prepare ourselves for a healthy future!

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