Entertaining kids during Lockdown with ZEE5 Kids

by - 4/27/2020

We all are sailing on the same boat of isolation and insecurity during this phase of lockdown. And if you are a parent, then entertaining the kids has been the biggest challenge. You are not guilty if you are babysitting them with television. However the challenge is to give the kids quality screen time. If my daughter is watching television, I would like her to be creatively entertained as well as learn something. Thank God for ZEE5 Kids, my toddler has an unlimited source of entertainment.

Zee group has launched ZEE5 Kids, especially for children which is available in a wide range of genres as well as languages. The library is spread  across multiple languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and Bhojpuri. This section of India's beloved OTT ZEE5 encompasses varied genres, languages, formats and age-group based curations for kids. ZEE5 Kids’ content is a mix of acquired and exclusives by onboarding leading production houses like Lionsgate and Cosmos Maya.

It has 4000 hours of uninterrupted entertainment. That means we parents can sit back and relax while our kids are engaged and entertained. The best part? It's free for the users.

So what all am I loving on ZEE5 Kids for my toddler?

I love the fact that kids shows have so much to teach. Take the example of Chhota Bheem. There is so much bravery, strength and intelligence. We get to learn about friendship and sticking to good and fighting against evil. Isn't that what we want to instill in our kids?

Shows like Vir the Robot Boy teach kids the intricacies of friendship and superhuman stuff while certain legends such as Robinhood, Hatim, Christopher Columbus or epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharata imparts much required knowledge to the kids.

There is something for every kind of kid. From action and adventure to drama, comedy, mythology, inspiration, superhero, fantasy & DIY. Across 9 languages and varied formats - live-action, animation, fiction, Reality shows, etc. your child (no matter whatever age group) is bound to get hooked and leave you free. It's going to be #NonStopBachFun

If watching shows/serials is not your child's thing, there are endless number of kids movies that would get them hooked. Since my toddler loves animals and the majority of the kids do so, I am enlisting a few of my personal favourites.

Image Source: ZEE5

You can also binge watch other ZEE5 digital content.

Here is a list of Best Animal Movies for kids which they are definitely going to love.

1. Felix: All around the world. This classic movie is a must watch. It's based in Norway, so you can see a lot of snow! Felix decides to spend his summers there with Sophie and family. It becomes a big adventure because he gets lost and has to find way to his home, alone.

2. Zoo Wars: A funny movie about a city elephant with a boring desk job and space dreams. It becomes a super adventure set in the galaxy.

3. Penguin Rescue: Again an adventure movie set in space. Intergalactic space explorers are assigned to save a little penguin on planet earth.

4. Bee team: Two bees: Zip and Zap try to catch thieves who have been stealing their queen's honey. They make new friends on this mission.

5. Fish Tales: A beautiful fairy tale like story. A 12 year old girl meets a mermaid while living on a Greek island. The twist is that the mermaid faces threat from an evil fisherman.

There are so many other animal movies for kids to watch like Sea monsters, Wee Dragon, Pup Scouts 2, The funny world of pets, Easter Sing, Sea monsters, etc.

Believe me all these are so entertaining that the entire family is going to get glued to the screen.

So are you excited for a non stop entertaining session for your kids? What are you going to show them?

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  1. Zee5 has great shows for adults and kids alike. Your list is amazing. We have watched Zoo wars recently.

    - Ujjwal Mishra

  2. I recall my conversation with my sister from last night about my niece being so obsessed with zee5 kids shows. We were discussing some zee5 shows and she said the only she is able to watch are of zee5 kids as the kiddo likes them.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It's not easy to keep kids indoors all the time, but yes few apps and games have been really helpful.

  5. I watch zee5 for many of my favourite shows. But thanks a lot for this lovely list of animal movies for kids.

  6. This is really a great option to keep them kids busy & has an array of interesting content as well.

  7. This is a great option to keep kids engaged .. Nice initiative by ZEE5

  8. In this lockdown period it's really difficult to keep kids engaged inside house but thanks to zee5 for great shows

  9. Keeping kids engaged during quarantine is really hard! Zee5 seems to have a lot of interesting stuff for kids! I will check it out!

  10. ZEE5 is doing so well with the content for all age groups. I am surely going to check ZEE kids as this lockdown is giving us time to catch up with fav characters

  11. Your list is amazing. We can’t access zee5 in UK. I will share this list with my sister in india.

  12. Yes true dear. Zee5bis totally worth watching. They have nice range of series to explore.

  13. I recently took zee5 subscription and it's has some great stuff. Now that I know it has soom good movies for kids too. It's has become a perfect choice fir my family. Gonna share with my baby brother. He loves watching animal movies. Though I watch these movies with him too. ��

  14. Thanks to your post, Mandira, I subscribed to Zee5 Kids for my tiny tots. You are so right; Zee5 Kids offers an unlimited source of entertainment; my son in particular can't stop raving about the variety of cartoon content.

  15. This is a tremendous article thanks for sharing this informative information. I will go to your blog regularly for some contemporary post.