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by - 4/24/2020

With the lockdown being extended, I am sure we all girls are thinking of the same thing... When the hell would we be able to visit the salon? But I am not that perturbed. Firstly because with my crazy lifestyle I hardly ever get the time to visit the salon. So it's not something that I look forward to. Secondly, I have equipped myself with the all the essential stuff as well as skills to fulfill all the functions at home. So today I would like to share a simple at home routine to groom yourselves.

1. Get rid of body hair: Use NEUD Hair Removal Spray to get rid of body hair. It removes hair in a jiffy.

Apply NEUD After Hair Removal lotion for smooth skin after waxing.
Why NEUD After Hair Removal Lotion?

Our skin is exposed after hair removal whether we do waxing or use depilatory creams or NEUD Hair Removal Spray. Our skin requires closing of the pores and moisturisation which is provided by NEUD After Hair Removal lotion.

What does it contain?
It contains Aloe vera, Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, Vitamin E, clove oil, menthol and all safe ingredients.
How to use?
After waxing or using hair removal cream or NEUD Hair Removal Spray, apply liberally on the skin.
Allow the lotion to be absorbed fully.
Do not wipe or rinse.
How does it feel afterwards?
The depilated skin feels absolutely smooth and soft. There is no sign of redness which is usually there after waxing. The post waxing inflammation is gone after application.
There is sensation of coolness (because of menthol and aloe vera)
The smell isn't too significant.
No stickiness afterwards.

Price: 290 INR for a 100 gm bottle. It is available on all e commerce sites. 

Packaging: Comes in a pump bottle in a gorgeous gold and black packaging. Lotion is very easy to dispense.

2. Use a tweezer to shape your eyebrows. One doesn't need skillful threading to shape the eyebrows every single time. For emergency purposes (like this lockdown)  this is sufficient. Trim the upper part of the eyebrow arch with scissors in the end.

3. Give yourself a home manicure and pedicure: Washing dishes and mopping the floors have taken a toll on our hands. After the whole family goes to bed, soak your hands and feet in warm water (turn by turn) Trim your nails. Scrub your palms and feet with a body scrub. File your feet. Dry with a towel and then paint them in your favorite color. After the paint gets dry, slather your limbs in body butter and go to sleep.

4. Use a face scrub and face mask once a week. If you have run out of them, use besan as scrub and multani mitti (fullers earth) as mask. 

5. Don't forget the skincare essentials: Don't forget to apply sunscreen after washing your face in the morning. Reapply in the afternoon. Don't skip night cream and an under eye cream at night.

6. Wash your hair at least once a week. Give them a trim if necessary. 
I know if you are a mom, these are easier said than done. But these small steps would go a long way to make us feel good. What say?

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  1. Your styling tips are so useful, Mandira. I am always surprised how effectively you're managing both job and blogging.

  2. It seems like a useful and much needed grooming tips. Specially when we cant move out.

  3. I remember I read the review of nued hair remover spray on your blog, but never knew it comes with an after application lotion. This will certainly add up to the hair remover spray's value.

  4. Hey I have used NEUD hair removal lotion and it was definitely a great product. Will surely try out the spray too.

  5. I am also pampering myself so much these days. Applying face scrub every weekend and taking care of my skin. Take care and stay home:)

  6. This seems to be an extremely effective product. I wish I had purchased this before the lockdown.

  7. It seems like a useful and much needed grooming tips. Specially when we cant move out.

  8. These useful tips are beneficial for everyone thanks mandira mam