How to take care of baby skin?

by - 5/18/2018

I am an four year old mom. Yes I know it sounds strange  but its a fact! The moment a baby is born, a mother is also born!  Phew time really flies! Who knew that a girl (me) who did not know how to cook would mature as a wife and mom!

Over these four years I have learnt a myriad of things. Apart from mastering in skills how to control her (not that I am a pro, I am learning everyday) I have learnt quite many things about babies as well as mums. The first and foremost thing is that babies need to be comfortable. When babies are at ease, their moms are too! Now that she is old enough, the dimension of my problems have changed. Now it's more of toddler tantrums than diaper rash!

There are mainly three things that annoy babies (apart from medical problems) hunger, wetness and sleep. And the most annoying one: diaper rash or eczema. These three things are interdependent on each other. If the baby is hungry or wet or has eczema, she won't be able to sleep. And if the baby is unable to sleep, she would be cranky and so would be her mom! Its a vicious cycle. One of the major things that ensure the comfort of your precious baby is what diaper you are making her wear. While some things are not in your hands, choosing the right diaper and eczema cream for her is definitely on your discretion!

Diaper pants are definitely way better to put them on and for the baby too. I was pretty satisfied but the probability of diaper rash always used to scare me.

So how can diaper rash and eczema be prevented?

  • Use eczema creams without nasty chemicals.

  • Always powder the perineal are of the baby before putting on diapers.

  • Change diaper after every 4 to 6 hours.

  • Wipe the perineal surface with a moisturising wipe before putting back a diaper on.

  • Always try to keep baby's skin dry yet moisturised.
What are your tricks to keep your baby happy?

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