Book Review: And So Can You by Dr Roopleen

by - 5/02/2018

I have read at least a thousand books by now (barring my thick textbooks of course). My penchant for reading goes a long way...I have been a bibliophile since I was a kid and that characteristic of mine is still intact. However my interest had been mainly in fiction. I do read non fiction especially in the self help department but don't enjoy too much. So you can be pretty well assured that when I pick up and finish a non fiction book, it is that good. And my latest read have been 'And So Can You' by Dr Roopleen. I rarely read biographies. But this book is just so different. It contains inspirational stories of 17 successful doctors who have made it big despite all odds.

About the author: What attracted me most is that Dr Roopleen herself is from the medical field. She is an opthalmologist by profession and a prolific writer by passion. She is also a motivational counselor, speaker, blogger, life enthusiast and author of four books. She hails from a family of doctors. So when an author/doctor decides to write about the lives of 17 successful doctors, it is bound to be an interesting read.
The cover of the book has written 'A book every doctor and medical student must read'. However I would like to add to this. I would say that this book should be read by everyone. Non medicos really don't have any clue as to what kind of hardships medicos face to become a doctor. In today's situation, media had downgraded doctors so much that often people equate doctors with money making machines. The truth is that a medico starts earning decently only after 30's ie after a decade of studies and the pay is almost nothing as compared to Corporate people/ IITians who start earning copiously since 23/24. Also this book is a motivational guide for every aspirant irrespective of the professional field. Because these stories depict how determination and hard work can pave the road to success inspite all odds.
The book starts with the story of Dr Virendar Sarwal who is a reputed Cardio thoracic surgeon in North India. He faced tremendous hardships and poverty was just a minor one of them. His father being a victim of heart attack motivated him to take up Cardio vascular surgery. This is indeed such a genuine stimulus for all medical aspirants/ students that how adversities can be the greatest motivation for success.
I connected the most with Dr Khurana's story. The reason is very simple. I have read his book on Opthalmology during my undergraduate days. That book had been instrumental in getting good marks in this subject. It's the very same reason that got me hooked to his book....the reason why Dr Khurana wrote this in the first place: simple language. Earlier Indian students had to read books by foreign authors only. The language was tough and they were way too expensive. Dr Khurana solved this woe for once and all. It is indeed the best selling book for undergraduate medical students. Also he has authored numerous other books on Optha for higher levels too.
However little I knew the amunt of hardships my favourite author braved to become the opthalmologist he is today. Also the fact that his grandmother was a midwife, raised my respect for his family even more!
Similarly this book contains stories of hardships and toil through success of 15 other reputed doctors. I mentioned two such stories. Rest are for you to read!

Why should you read this book?
There comes a moment in every student's/ professional's life especially in a medico's career which seems frustrating and degrading. These success stories reinforce the fact that determination and hard work are the key steps to success. If you keep on running, you are bound to reach your destination no matter what.

Each chapter starts with a motivational quote and ends with words of advice from that particular doctor. Every single reader will have something to carry on from this book. Hats off to Dr Roopleen for coming out with such a unique concept.

Price: 360INR
260 pages 
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  1. Sounds like a great read!

    XO, Jessi