What all to buy from Zaful for the coming Spring season?

by - 1/23/2018

Are you ready to shop for spring from ZafulIs it just me or is everyone experiencing the warmth in the air? With  winters almost over, I have my cart full with stylish warm clothing. Although this situation is apparent only in North India as down in the South it's mostly tropical throughout the year. Here in Delhi we don't have Autumn or fall season. Hot summers straightaway parade into chilly winters. Right now the mornings and evenings are cold while sunny days are hot. Its the perfect excuse to shop for warm clothing and I am loving it! Here's what all I need right now!

This style I find the best as it covers the neck. Ideal for wearing beneath your coat. You can don it as such too. This color is so versatile!

Embellished sweater: I just love embellishments on sweaters. These tiny add ons escalate the style quotient by heaps! Whether it's the pearl details or sequins, I love them all. This one is my favorite!

Hoodie: For those chilly mornings when you are going for a run but don't want to dress up too warm, hoodies are the perfect companion.

Long coat: You can never have too many coats....Can you? I find coats to be the safest investments. They last for years.... I use so many of my mom's! Perfect for layering as well as to be worn without layers!

Beanie: Whoever said that covering head is ugly hasn't seen these stylish beanies! The perfectly fashionable way to beat the cold!

Mittens: Just like beanies, mittens are compulsory for the chilly weather. You don't want numb fingers....do you? These are so cute!

Over the knee Boots: You cannot neglect your legs in winters. Although it's common among us girls to wear warm clothing on the upper half and leave legs bare. The most stylish yet effective way to keep warm are boots!

Backpack: With thick layers of clothing, it's tough to wear dainty messenger bags or embellished clutches. You need something that is big enough for your stuff and also stylish. For this situation backpacks come to rescue.

Sweater dress: This one is one of the most versatile pieces of winter wardrobe. You can wear it as such during mild winters, dress it up with leggings or layer with coats for harsher months.

Cape: Those days when you don't feel like dressing up, yet have to look put up, capes come to rescue. It doesn't matter what you are wearing beneath or how big is your paunch, you are bound to look good!

So what all are you planning to stock up for the coming months! I need them all! Go to Zaful and pick your favourites. They are going away fast!

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