Losing Hair? Don't lose your mind!

by - 1/10/2018

Hair is an important part of our external appearance...in fact the second most after our face. Am I right? Good hair means confidence and vice versa. For men and women both. And being in the healthcare industry that deals in hair and skin primarily, I have noticed that men are more sensitive about their crowning glory. Trivial things like a bad hair day can really upset our mood. So what about those conditions in which one tends to lose hair?

Daily hair fall of 50 to 100 strands is normal. However if your scalp becomes visible, it means that you are losing more hair than you are growing. Conditions responsible for hairfall can range from Thyroid disorders, post partum hairfall, Iron Deficiency Anaemia and many others. If you have any of them, correcting the clinical condition may reverse the hair situation.
However more serious conditions like Chemotherapy may result in severe hairfall. Often the patient goes into depression after such treatments. Its important that a positive attitude goes a long way in getting cured. So in such cases, instead of losing one's mind, one should look for beautiful alternatives like hair bundles.

blonde ombre weave

Blonde Ombre Weave: These hair bundles are made of high quality Brazilian Hair which can be styled as you like. These are not attached to the scalp; hence they don't get the oil. Very natural looking, this can be used for a long time if taken good care of.

red ombre hair

Ombre Weave: These are 100% virgin human hair in absolute healthy condition. There is not a single grey hair or split end in it. You should take care of these bundles just like your own hair. These are very high quality and really affordable.

Weave Colours: Want to go really adventurous with hair colour? Opt for these! These are in high demand for their style quotient. The best part? You can also dye your hair naturally. For example, application of lemon juice will make your hair blonder.

So you can see there are a lot of options in the market for those 'bad hair' days. Instead of losing your mind, you should concentrate on how to conquer the situation.

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  1. Great post girl!! Having a bad hair day can seriously ruin your confidence!!

    XO, Jessi

  2. Wow! I didn't know about all these. Hair is indeed a person's crowning glory. It changes the whole appearance.