Cute Gestures to make your better half feel special

by - 1/16/2018

As soon as the New Year rolls over, we tend to get over Christmas and New Year Eve parties and start prepping for the coming ones. And no prizes for guessing the most exciting one...its Valentine's Day! But wait..should love be expressed only on a single day? Shouldn't be it shown all year round? With jobs taking up the major part of our day and gadgets the rest, we really don't carve out time for ourselves. Chatting on WhatsApp does not count as romance! Real conversation does that too without scrolling your Instagram feed or other phone beeps. And worse, if you are married and have kids, then romance goes for a toss altogether. So how to rekindle that passion which you once had in the simplest yet cutesy way possible?

Make breakfast in bed: This applies both for men as well as women. Don't think that I only expect the girl to make breakfast for her guy. Love is mutual and so the gestures should too!
Everyone loves a good meal after a night's sleep. And during this harsh winter if it comes floating to your bed, nothing is better! You don't have to be a super chef for the same! Everyone knows how to toast bread, spread butter on it and make tea/ coffee. Or you can even opt for juice! Cut a bowl of fruits too. Presentation matters so don't forget to add a rose bud or a cute love note!
Go twinning with your better half!
Twinning became a rage last year and continues to do so! With mothers and daughters, sisters, fathers and sons dressing up alike, its time that partners too start wearing their hearts on their sleeves...literally! Actually its a very cute concept. Once you and your partner dress up in matching or complimentary clothing, then you don't need to scream from the rooftops that you love each other. Your outfits would do that for you! Funny part: If you get separated from each other in a crowded place, you may spot him/her very easily!
Not confident enough to go twinning in public? Then you can wear matching pyjama sets at home. Bon Organik is a leading global brand that makes such matching sets in high quality. They have a special Him and Her collection, Mother and Child collection and so on. Their matching tees and boxers come is lovely colours and cute prints. The tee shirts especially scream love...yet in a subtle way!
So go find yourself and your other half the perfect pair of romantic tee and boxer that symbolises your love for each other. The material is super soft and comfortable and you won't feel like changing out of them. Ever!
Spend a lazy Sunday at home sans phone:
We all tend to associate weekends with going out or eating out but wait, are you able to connect in a public area? Try to plan an entire Sunday at home, with no distractions, not even your phone (which is in fact the biggest one). Order food from outside and lay inside the blanket, watch a movie marathon or a series on netflix. Don't forget to take breaks in between for real conversations!
Whisper sweet nothings without reason:
Love is supposed to be unconditional...Ain't it? So do you really need an ocassion to say "I love you''? But in the hustle bustle of daily life we forget to do so. I guess we utter those special words only during birthdays and some other significant days. Be expressive more frequently. These three words or any other mushy phase work like magic!

Actions speak louder than words:
Tiny actions like plugging in your partner's phone when he has forgotten and fallen asleep signifies how caring you are. Daily romance does not mean expensive gifts. Its the daily tiny gestures that help your better half. Give a head massage after your partner comes back from office. All the exhaustion will vanish rapidly! If someone is running late to office, you can pack his/her breakfast. Small gestures like this go a long way.

I just realized that I need to incorporate these things in my daily life! What are your ways of making your better half feel special?

Boxers: Bon Organik

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  1. Great post babe! And beautifully written :)

    XO, Jessi

  2. I liked the idea of twinning, looks so cute as well 😊
    If you have kids, they would have a blast!

  3. Great post, this idea sounds good, Beatiful pictures

  4. This post is so cute! I definitely think spending time together without the phones is always a nice gesture toward your other half.

  5. cute post & poses.. really superb tuning

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