The last vacation of 2016

by - 12/27/2016

 As the year 2016 is coming to an end, I am getting really nostalgic. This year had not been very good in terms of health; both for me and my daughter. Professionally too, I had my share of downs. But on the travel front, it had been super amazing!! I had travelled to two countries abroad and two new states in India; apart from travelling to various new locations. The two new states being Telangana and Kerala. While the trip to Hyderabad was a surprise one; the trip to Kerala was a long awaited one. Yes, our last vacation of 2016 have been to God's own country, Kerala.
Vacation means fabulous breakfast!
I had wanted to go to Kerala long before but somehow it never got materialized. So when hubs booked our tickets two months back; I was super excited. Partly because it would be my munchkin's first long trip. Partly because I had been dying to conclude the year with a full family trip to a wonderful destination. Though it is million times easier to travel without our daughter but a mother's heart is always craving for her honey bun. Also I buy so many cute kids wear for her but she is hardly ever photographed! The blogger in me wants outfit pictures of her!
We were quite worried for her as it was her first flight and that too such a long one (as per domestic standards). However she proved to be just like her enthusiastic about travelling that she hardly noticed any atmospheric pressure changes.
 Excited on arriving in Kerala!
We landed in Kochi in the afternoon. Our baby fell asleep in the cab. She was too excited to sleep in the plane. Nap deprived kid had to doze off somewhere.
Vacation means room service!
After we checked into our beautiful hotel, the first thing we did (after ordering room service) was jumping into the pool. Our daughter (just like me) got so excited on seeing the water that she immediately took out her top. Our apartments has a swimming pool but we don't use it. Similarly last year she was too young to swim into The Lalit's pool in Jaipur. So technically this was her first swim too! We were overjoyed to see the tiny mermaid.
Apart from all the sumptuous food and luxurious stay, we enjoyed every bit of our Malabari sojourn. Though my partner believes that we enjoyed a tad less as we could not be too adventurous with our munchkin. I however feel that I had the best time of my life with my daughter and husband.

As family vacations are precious, so are the vacation pictures. In order to make them postcard pretty, you need to accessorize well. Here is a list of vacation essentials.

Sunglasses for women: Keep the glare at bay in style.

Ladies Shoes: Strut in comfort and style.

Artificial Jewelry: A pair of statement earrings to glam up any look.

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  1. Aww I'll miss all your amazing vacation posts babe! Hope this last one of 2016 was amazing!

    XO Jessi,

  2. A nice round up of the past year with refreshing pictures. Wish you travel more in 2017.... :-)

  3. A cool colorful vacation it was.