Khajjiar Road, Dalhousie

by - 12/02/2016

Snow clad Khajjiar Road
The sole purpose of travelling to Dalhousie in the winters was to indulge in snow. Dalhousie is usually under a white blanket during December to February. Unfortunately, in the last winters, temperatures did not dip as it was supposed to. Maybe its because of global warming; Delhi too hardly had any winter spells. Unfortunately Dalhousie did not have that much snow as we would have liked. 

There are various spots in and around Dalhousie that are almost snow covered throughout the year. Dainkund Peak since its the highest point, its a no brainer that its covered with snow. Similarly the winding narrow road which leads to Khajjiar (also known as the Switzerland of India) is usually snow covered. Strangely Khajjiar itself does not have snow since its  a small plateau. I was fully prepared for the chill. However I had not shopped enough mens winter wear  for my partner.
Stopping on the way (literally)
WE stopped on the way. We had piled up on warm clothing and it was stuffy inside the car as the heater was on too. So we were simply oblivious of the chill outside. I got excited as we saw the snow adorning the slopes of the hills and on the roads. I requested our driver to just pull over and I flung the door open and jumped outside (daughter in my Dad's arms) I had to hurry back to the car. It was fureezing! I put on my ear muffs and gloves to combat the cold. Then my partner in crime came out too and froze! I wished I had packed enough winter for men. Then we pranced on the roads. It took a while to get acclimatized. Then there was no stopping.
My parents were having a hard time in controlling our daughter as she wanted to come out too. Thankfully they were there to manage her otherwise I could have never enjoyed the snow with my infant!

My partner shivering in the cold!

We walked along the winding roads. From a distance we could see an amphitheatre like structure. We went towards it and it was kind of a park/amphitheatre. The snow on the steps gave it a very dreamy look. But somehow  our photos did not turn out the way I expected them to be. Maybe it was aerial shot which I wanted!
An amphitheatre kind of place...
As much as the snow looked romantic, I was unable to pose like my usual self. My boots were continuously slipping and I was having a hard time not falling off and breaking my limbs! After It was too much of snow bashing, (though you can never go overboard with that :D) I was freezing. My dad signalled us to come back and control our unmanageable daughter. By the time I reached the car, my hands were too numb to open the car door!

Here is a list from the winter collection for men which was required to brave the cold:

A cool, white hoodie. Find this here.
 A nautical sweater. I love blue stripes on men. Find this here.
 This is such a classy sweater. Find this here.

After all the layers, top it up with a leather jacket. Find this here.

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  1. Great style for man enjoy your weekend beauty.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't find as much snow as you would've liked it. But it seems pretty freezing to me :p

  3. WOW..the scenary is gorgeous...but u look so chic.


  4. Wow!!! I've been there but not in winters. Looks like a completely different place. Awesome pics :-)

  5. I know, how difficult it is to walk on snow! I have slipped and lipped on my first trek!

  6. I love Dalhousie. The "amphitheater" pic is awesome!