Ten Love Stories

by - 8/18/2015

Two events back to back. After the chaotic launch of the Zenfone here, a refined meet was scheduled the very next day. It was a book launch by Harpers Collins and Indiblogger where writer Yashodhara Lal came to launch Indiblogger's first book '10 love stories'. The book is the labour of ten handpicked bloggers turned writers from the Indiblogger community. Yashodhara had earlier launched  'There's something about you' with Harper Collins and many titles along with that was available for sale.

A lot can happen over books and coffee...
As usual we were an hour late. Hubs got late from hospital. We sped towards South Delhi and covered around 15 kms in 20 minutes (till Moolchand for those who can understand). The rest couple of kilometres till South Extension took a good long 40 damn minutes! Phew! When we reached. we had missed most of the discussion and of course hot brewing Costa Coffee and other knick knacks. But we were just in time before the Book launch. Indiblogger honcho Anoop and Yashodhara Lal inaugurated the "ten love stories". The book is a compilation of the works of ten well known writers/bloggers. The book promises to be an interesting read as the stories are set up in a very modern, practical environment.

Yashodhara Lal and Anoop launching '10 love stories'


Then it was contest time. We were asked to narrate a love story in a minute. My best friend's love story won me another nice book by Shoma Narayanan...... After that we all got our copies signed by Yashodhara lal.

Time to receive my prize!
Getting my copy signed....

It was a short and sweet evening with lots of chatter, love story discussion and of course coffee!!

The best part about such meets....meeting each other!

Dress, Necklace: Forever21
Clutch: Shopper's Stop
Watch: Casio G Shock

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  1. Amazing event!

  2. Nice to see so many talented bloggers turning writers :)


  3. Looks like a fun event..Great pics :)
    Thanks for sharing

    TriColor OutFit

  4. A great meet it was.... you're looking cool... :-)

  5. What an awesome event. I'm always late too ;-) Congrats on winning a book. I couldn't even think about a love story in a minute. You look marvelous Mandira. I looooove your dress :D


  6. Happy Tuesday Mandira!! Looking forward to see your new post :D


  7. Great post dear!

  8. Looks like you had a great time... :)

  9. Sounds like a very interesting book! Bloggers are really leaving a mark

    Natalia | Lindifique