Kali Mera: The Greek Odyssey

by - 8/03/2015

For the past two years, I was in a drought. After our 'blogworthy' trip to the Pilipinas, I was exploring more of India only. Though India is a huge country with very vast length and breadths, I had already covered it with my parents barring two or three provinces. So wherever I go with my husband, its usually the second or third time for me. We could not travel abroad for 'obvious' reasons..he he. Finally when our daughter turned one and a quarter years, we started planning for the biggest vacation of our life till date. It included my dream destination Santorini!

All ready to get drowned in a big tub of Moet!

This trip was a result of our hard earned savings of two years. With such a huge transition in our lives,(read parenthood) saving was an uphill task. After late nights on the laptop doing bookings and research, the day of our departure finally arrived. . but it started out all wrong. I was immensely preoccupied. With my work and leaving my daughter for a fortnight, my head got badly muddled up.

 As a result, I forgot to pack some very important documents. Those were the copies of our flight tickets and reservations. Worse, I forgot our insurance papers! Damn. That was really bad. I even forgot to keep the flash drive which contained the softcopy of our reservations. And my phone too was empty. All our hard work on plannings and itinerary were in vain. And when did I recall that I had forgotten all these things? The moment we reached the airport!

It was around one in the morning and our flight was at six. My husband was furious. He started declaring that I was no more a responsible person. I was scared of only one thing..the insurance papers! Throughout our flight to Athens I was tensed. Then I thought that lets be backpackers this time and stop bothering! As soon as I switched my thoughts, I started feeling better. Thankfully nothing alarming occurred during our trip that required insurance! It turned out to be the best trip of our lives till date!

This is our nth picture at this very spot. We have decided to get clicked here everytime we depart from the airport!

Too much crowd to brave during transit....at the Ataturk Airport...

In a pensive mood...going through the only file of documents....

Beautiful restaurants in the Atartuk (Istanbul) airport...our transit stop....

Just before boarding our flight....

The huge fleet of Turkish Airline planes in the airport....
Enjoying every bit of our X96 bus journey from the airport to the Pireaus Port...
Interesting street art on our way to the hotel.... 

The line up of speed boats just in front of our hotel....

Coming to the sweatshirt now...did you notice something unusual? Yes, it is totally inappropriate to wear in India! That's why I chose it to wear in Greece as it is a "venus" sweatshirt. I had won it in a giveaway of a fellow blogger and loved it anyhow. Hope I did not offend anyone!! Stay tuned for my Greek Odyssey!

Sweatshirt: Romwe
Skirt: Levi's
Racerback Tank: From Phuket
Pumps: Aldo
Bag: FURLA Candy

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  1. Another amazing place great images.

  2. Very cool trip, the Turkish airport is beautiful!

  3. I LOVE coming to your blog! You have amazing style! Keep up the great work xoxo



  4. Great pictures. It's really a bit hard to deal with things when our kids are small. Glad that you made the trip.... looking cute with the umbrella... ^_^

  5. Awesome...cant wait for the santorini posts. that's my dream destination too.


  6. Hubby shouldn't have been furious with you. Everyone can forget some papers and stuff. I love your cool sweatshirt. Glad you have found a place where you can wear it. Enjoy your stay Mandira!! I'm looking forward to see more of your Greek adventures :D Happy Monday!


  7. Beautiful pictures!

  8. another fur to your cap !! beautiful photos :)

  9. Nice pics... Looks like lots of fun!