Oh Carol

by - 8/19/2015

The first stop of our Greek Odyssey was of course Athens. Athens is not only the capital of Greece but also the capital of archaeology! I will come to the Acropolis and other historical wonders later. Right now I want to show where we stayed!

Our room 404
We always try to book  hotel in the city center which is Syntagma in Athens. But this time, we booked our hotel far from Syntagma but on the port of Pireaus. This was because firstly we had a ferry to catch early in the morning. Secondly what is the use of vacationing on an island if the sea is not nearby? So this hotel of ours was a perfect choice by our travel planner ie my partner. Also this place was bustling with quaint cafes and nightlife!

Speedboats ancored just in front of our hotel....

A narrow strip of the Aegean Sea was right in front of our hotel. All sorts of speedboats and yachts were anchored there. Since I have spent my life in the hopelessly land locked city of Delhi, the yachts and the sea gulls infuse a new life in me! I simply can't express my joy enough when I was woken by the chirping of sea gulls!

Coming to our Hotel carol, it was a lovely stay. It did not have any swimming pool (my main criteria for choosing any hotel) but it was beautiful nonetheless. It had a very romantic ambiance with twinkling lights on the ceiling. The window opened to a very beautiful balcony of the neighboring building. I just kept on thinking taking its picture but was too late anyway :(

Our decision indeed proved very fruitful when we got late for our ferry. Our booking was on Blue Star Ferries and its docking station was really far. After running for about a kilometer with heavy luggage on our backs ( blogger problems), we managed to catch the bus to the port. Even though it was a single stop away, it was helpful. We could have taken the metro but we were unable to confirm at what time it operated in the morning. Long story short, we reached the port just in time lest we would  have missed the ferry!

I wish I would stayed there longer and savoured the flavours of the life there more peacefully.

Our beautiful room...


Did you notice the twinkling lights on the roof? They were so romantic!

Dress, Sunnies, Bracelet: Globus
Purse: Furla Candy
Sandals: From Philippines

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  1. Looking chic at this cool establishment.

  2. Your red bag and your sunnies look so cool sweety :)

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  3. WOW! Great Post. Love your collection and choice....

  4. Hi there doc! Looks a perfect vacation! Must've been super fun :-)

  5. The hotel room looks lovely...n I so wanna go to Athens right away.


  6. Looks so lovely! Josie xo

  7. You look marvelous Mandira! Love your cute dress. So glad that you guys didn't miss the ferry. I hope the next time you can stay a little longer there. Wish you a wonderful day!


  8. You look really pretty! I love that dress and the bag with it, really pretty!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  9. Beautiful and share the other experience of your trip.

  10. Lovely post! I love that your dress and the cute bedroom match up with each other. But the best pic is of you both holding hands in front of the huge heart.

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