Mactan Island

by - 11/07/2014

Sorry for the interruption in the orient diaries; I had to squeeze in Durga Puja updates and my solo Dehradun trip ;)

So the long yet the most amazing trip of my life till date was finally coming to an end. We had the flight to Manila at 10 in the morning and from there back to New Delhi in the afternoon. WE woke up really early; I was still high on fever, and finished a quick breakfast as there was chance we could still cover a part of the city in the early morning hours. Inspite of fever I went for a swim. I would blame hubby for it as he was the one who pushed me into it. I was already enthusiastic, I just needed provocation!! Anyways, I paid the price back in India. I was sick for one long week!! I even had to do a dance performance with fever!!

After we grabbed breakfast, it started raining heavily. We were worried only for our camera. Umbrella open, we were ready. There were a nimber of places we could go to, but I chose the Cebu Yacht Club. A water baby has to have interest in yachts!!

The Yacht Club is a private property where photography is not allowed. So after we explored it on foot, we exited and went to the adjacent restaurant. That place gave us even better photo ops!!
The rain played spoilsport in our enjoyment. We could have taken more pics if not for the rain.

So our trip finally came to an end. We took the plane to Manila and then back to India.We were a bit scared what if we reach Manila late. Then we would miss our flight to India!! Thankfully, nothing happened like that and we learnt a valuable lesson. Never have two important flights on the same day!! It always feels good to be home but I love travelling!! This would remain the most enchanting journey of my life till date. After all I owe my initiative to start this blog to this wonderful country!! Cheers to Philipppines!!

the Cebu Yacht Club

I just love yachts!!

The beautiful restaurant from where we clicked photos

How about I get this one as a birthday gift!! Hubby or daddy are you listening??

the Mercallo Fernan bridge in the background...

uff..rain played such a spoilsport!!

The marina Mall...

buying souvenirs at the airport...

Top and Skirt: Promod
Clutch: Dubai
Wedges: Aldo

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  1. I need to start traveling with you always looking amazing in your adventures that looks like so much fun to visit. Have a blessing weekend doll.

  2. Love your outfit! That color looks really nice on you :)

  3. Beautiful photos, love your vibrant, red dress!

  4. Looking amazing and great pictures.

  5. You look great in these pics! I am so jealous about your trips!!

  6. Glad you enjoyed the trip. You look marvelous. Love the top and skirt. Yes the yacht is stunning. Would be the perfect gift :D Happy Monday pretty!!


  7. Lovely photos!


  8. Wow, what a divine place, love your dress and your umbrella is lovely! Love your hair ;)


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