back to the roots...

by - 11/25/2014

Seems God has taken my wish to lead a farm life a tad too seriously!! Remember this post? Well Once again I got a chance to explore rural life but this time a bit more of a personal experience!

We all have our roots somewhere buried deep in the villages. With increasing industrialisation, we have lost our roots but somewhere its still there. Those places contain the memories and signs of our great grandparents and other ancestors. I love my grandmother's farm house and I was privileged to have visited my husband's too. Since the day we had started travelling, its been his wish to show me his ancestral property. Finally we were able to do so in our last trip.

Husband's ancestral roots goes back to a very basic village called ' Chandarkhan' which is a tiny place in Varanasi. As his grandparents migrated to the city, those property became abandoned. The farms bear crops every year but the house is deserted of course. Everything is lying there as it had been left.

There is a saying in Eastern Uttar Pradesh that if you don't eat tapioca on the day of Diwali, you are reborn as a mouse!! Funny and strange!! Anyways so we had to buy tapioca on the day of Diwali. Suddenly husband remembered that their ancestral house has lots of tapioca growing in the backyard. So we had one more valid reason to visit that place! We took the motorcycle and zoomed off!!

We crossed the national highway 2 and entered this quaint village of Chandarkhan. As strange as it may sound, hubby remembered every twist and turn to his ancestral house!! He had visited this place about 20 years back as a small kid with his Dad but he remembered everything!!

Finally we stopped in front of the house. The neighbours seemed to remember him and welcomed us. We opened the gate and the yard was overgrown with fruit trees and weeds. Then we spotted tapioca and uprooted it. We had the key to the house and on opening the door, everything was kept as it had been left. There were mattresses on the beds, utensils in the kitchen which gave me a creepy feeling. I decided to take some quick pictures and leave for good. It was really fun roaming around in such a primitive environment!!

the ancestral property even has a pond in it!!
the family's ancestral Shiva temple...

The house in tumble down condition...
at the doorway...

Even wild creepers can look so nice!

cow dung cakes getting dried in the sun...

pumpkin creepers in full bloom...

I have always loved thatched roofs!!

Dress: DKNY
Scarf: Forever 21
Bag: from Mauritius
Accessories: Kazo, Forever21, Globus

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  1. You stand out in this place that is all almost grey love the outfit and handbag.

  2. I'm surprised that your husband remembered how to get to the house.
    It's always nice to go back to your roots and see where you or your family started.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  3. Amazing pictures, beautiful location! I love your bag!

  4. wow, you are beautiful in this pics!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  5. I am loving all the colors in this photos! Your outfit is stunning :D & sounds like a great time :)

  6. You look lovely! Must have been a great dat!

    PS. I have a Thierry Mugler give-away on my blog
    you may like it!


  7. Haha they say be careful what you wish for. It have been fun to enjoy the rural life once again. It's quite astonishing that the neighbors still recognized your hubby. You look adorable. Love your dress and scarf. I hope I won't be reborn as a mouse :D


  8. In love with village life and dreams about my own farm land some day!!! Lovely pics!!!