an ode to summers...

by - 11/01/2014

The hot weather is finally coming to an end. I know for many of my blogger friends it has happened long back. But here in Delhi, we dont have fall per se. Its either blazing summers or freezing winters with little rains in between. However the scenario is very different in the rest of India.

I have been a summer lover right from childhood. For a June born, it might not come as a surprise. But my birthplace in West Bengal has a totally different weather. Its frank monsoons during the month of June. West Bengal gets heavy rains leading to floods almost every year.

My affair with summer season started from the fact that I can stay in water as long as I want. During my childhood, Mom, a very strict mother was very particular that I do not catch cold ( which I do very often during winters) from my prolonged aquatic exposure. Be it river, sea, ponds , pools or even my small tub, it was indeed a task for my parents to drag me out of water. As I grew up, their control over me loosened and my time duration in water lengthened.

 Continuing with the legacy, it comes to me as no surprise that my seven month old daughter loves bathing right from birth!! My husband, who is scared of water used to be shocked when he used to see his neonate so comfortably seated in her bather while her mom poured water over her!! Infants usually scream when bathed but my daughter enjoys her tub time!!

Anyways coming back to hydrophilia, as the temperatures have considerably dropped, there is no way I can take a dip in outdoor pools this year. So here is a collection of few of my favourite pool moments during my short birthday getaway!! The Neemrana palace has two gorgeous swimming pools. The higher one is restricted to adults because of its depth while the lower pool is shallow. Both these pools offer gorgeous bird's eye view of the Alwar city. Cheers to the hot rajasthan weather and summers!!

boys in the pool scares hubby considerably!! he he:D

favourite companions of swimming!!

taking a dip..literally:D

cheers to self timer!!

the matchy cover ups are not deliberate!!

the pool lit up beautifully at night...

lounging around....

bird's eye view of the entire city 
Pink swimwear : Bwitch
Polka dress: Globus
Blue cover up :Globus
Orange dress: Vero Moda
Sunnies: Aldo
Pink purse: Accesorise
Gold clutch: Aldo

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  1. You guys look great awesome place to go and stay.

  2. Nice blog, nice place and nice you!
    I follow you, kisses from Roma

  3. That is such a cool pool. Lucky you :)

  4. wow, stunning place! Now i follow you also on facebook, i hope you follw me back!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  5. Great pictures! Beautiful location!

  6. I'm a summer lover too. Too bad it's over now. It's quite cold already and no outdoor swimming for me too. The photos are beautiful. Have a wonderful day pretty!