Whole family pyjamas look cool!

by - 12/10/2021

Do you like matching outfits with your family? I don't know how you feel but I have always loved doing it with my elder daughter.. And then when I became a mom for the second time, I started loving matching our outfits to the hilt! Then I got a set that blurted 'I love you' for me and my better half! People really loved our idea! And then started my obsession to dress up the whole family in matching or co ordinated outfits! If you are wondering where to flaunt them, then let me tell you, there are innumerable occasions.

1. Christmas: Well it's an age old tradition to open up the gifts in family matching outfits. Just think about the pictures. They are bound to look perfect and create memories for a lifetime. 

2. Family photoshoot: You can't even able to fathom how fast time flies if you don't freeze them. Take pictures often with the entire gang as time flies too fast.

My most favourite part about such photoshoots is planning the outfits. Here are a few options how you can do so:

a. You can buy a whole matching set. Meaning all the family members don the exact design, print, type and colour of the clothing.

b. Opt for a same colour theme: Choose a common hue which everyone has an outfit in: red, black, blue, white or denim etc. It is a toned down version of family twinning though still looks coordinated.

c. Choose a matching pattern. For example, wear stripes everyone. Or choose plaid or piping, chambray or corduroy or suspenders, etc. You get the point! I love cute mommy and me dresses.

d: Planned outfit Coordination:

The point is to look effortless yet still put up. The onlookers would feel that what a glamourously effortless family it is; although you know the hoopla behind it. Choose complementing colours like classic black and white or red and blue or white and yellow etc. Opt for solid colours sans prints as it tends to clutter the visuals.

3. Commemorate special occasions. The family gathering occasions are priceless. Whether they are annual gatherings like big festivals or once in a lifetime celebrations like birth of a baby, wedding, first birthdays and 50th anniversaries, family pictures play an indispensable role. And to get that right, you need matching outfits!

Popopieshop is an excellent place where you get all kind family matching outfits; in innumerable patterns and prints and colours and sizes! In one word, it's the Mecca of family fashion. I love coordinating outfits with my family, What about you?

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