Book review: City of Nine Gates by Pankaj Rajput

by - 9/24/2019

Title: City of Nine Gates
Author: Pankaj Rajput
Genre: Mythological fiction
Pages: 296

I always start any book by reading about the author first because it tells me (to a large extent) as to what the book is about. Author Pankaj Rajput is a financial risk manager by profession. However his interest has hovered from physics to metaphysics to of course spirituality. That pretty much explains the theme of this book, which is Vedic fiction. He feels that Truth is absolute. And that is what the protagonist of his book, Gyan realizes.
Gyan is a young, super successful millionaire but he is an atheist. This book traces his journey from being an atheist to self realization. However it doesn't happen neither quickly nor easily. You are literally on a wild ride while reading this!
This story is about an imaginary place/kingdom known as the 'City of Nine Gates' which is discovered after a deep excavation. The archaeologists did not know what that long buried site actually had in it. Some thought it to be a temple but it turned out to be a kingdom. Gyan sets on this almost seemingly impossible journey of unravelling the truth; by following signs and symbols and decoding puzzles. The fruit which he receives at the end is priceless! I don't want to reveal the spoilers, you go and read yourself!

What I loved about the book:
Author Pankaj Rajput has used a humongous amount of Sanskrit words in his composition. So he has given an elaborate glossary at the end of the book. I am an ardent Sanskrit lover but many of the words had slipped out of my knowledge because of lack of practice. This served such a beautiful lexicon for my knack in this language. I am sure that it would help every reader to absorb this book more effectively.
The prologue is short but so apt. I would like to quote those excessively thoughtful lines:
An atheist says: There is no God.
A Gyanyogi said: There is only God.
A Karmyogi said: Work is God.
A Bhaktiyogi said: I love God.

I would especially like to stick to the Karmyogi part.

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