The Simple Guide To Travel Safety

by - 8/30/2019

Some people like to play it simple when they go traveling or on vacation. They’ll go to resorts time and time again, or places they know are well frequented by people of the same ilk. Yet, there are those who want to see more of the world. Who want to experience places off the beaten track. There is a trade off with those types of adventure. They can be and are more dangerous. The news is often full of poor travellers who met their end in all kinds of ways. Fortunately, most of the risk and danger can be mitigated. When you’re overseas it pays to put the work in to ensure you make the most of your holidays. Sure, some places are more dangerous than others but it's all about the important risk reward ratio. Once you’ve got a handle on the kind of danger you’ll be expecting, look at whether the reward outweighs the risk. These points can help you strategize and properly consider the dangers on your trip.
Research is Key

Getting to know a place before you go makes all the difference. Especially if you’re going off into the sticks on your own. Check out local maps, get a grip with some of the landmarks and points of reference. Have a look on some of the forums online. There are dozens of blogs and travel websites you can get some useful information from that pertain purely to the place you’re going to. Some places need more planning than others. If you’re considering looking at trips to Africa then bare in mind it's a huge place. Make sure you’ve got safe transport planned depending on where you’re going. Getting the transport booked in beforehand can take a load off during the trip, it’s not something you want to be worrying about. Thorough research regarding the place you’re going is a must. You’ll take the right clothes, be aware of certain risks and know when’s best to travel. Do yourself a favour and make sure you clue up. 

Camping Wild

Sometimes, to really get to the places you want to go on your travels, you need to camp. Campings great if you’re doing it in a local field or at a festival, but when you’re out in the true wild its a whole different thing with heightened levels of danger. Make sure you take the right tent and sleeping bag. If you’re going somewhere cold they need to be better than the average you’d buy or you’ll be uncomfortable. Go to a proper outdoors shop and ask if you’re unsure. Make sure you take gas and fuel for cooking food. Always take more than you need. Practice putting your tent up and down before you go. It can be a lot harder in the dark or in wet and rainy conditions so if you know exactly what you’re doing by the time you get to your location it’ll help a lot. Make sure you know what dangers lurk at your location. Are there dangerous mammals around? Or do you need to shake out your shoes incase scorpions make it their home for the night. Knowing is your biggest weapon.

Use A Guide

It can be pricey, but if you split the cost between a few travellers it can be affordable. Guides can show you the best of where you are, while ensuring you stay safe at all times. They know where not to go. If you’re a history buff having a guide means someone who has expertise in the local area including the history too. Sometimes a guide can get you into places you wouldn't be allowed alone. The use of the guide is up to you. You can hire one for your whole trip or just for a small portion. Whatever you do, make sure you agree everything up front and only hire a guide from a reputable travel agency. Again, this comes back to research.

Local Customs and Laws

Don’t think you’re above them just because you’re from out of town. A countries laws are serious and you need to know them before you go. A prime example is around driving. In some countries, you need to carry certain certification with you while you drive. In others, you need various safety equipment like a spare tire or high visibility clothing in the boot. If you’re renting a car always get the insurance and brush up on the driving laws. Local customs aren’t to be sniffed at either. If you’re going somewhere politically dangerous, such as North Korea, you really need to make sure you obey all customs or risk the consequences which can range from incarceration to brutal beatings. Remember, no one is going to do this for you, it’s something you have to take responsibility for to ensure you enjoy your trip.
Take Different Kinds of Money

Taking different forms of payment mitigates and loss. If you lose your money, you’ll still have a cheque book or credit card. Your best bet is to take some cash, money on a debit card, with a credit card for emergencies. There are other ways you can transport your money but for the most part you’d be better off sticking to the tried and tested ways. Make sure you have a look for the right cards before you go. Some charge a fortune just for using them abroad whereas others charge no fees at all and even let you draw money out up to certain amounts out for free too.
Be Health Conscious

A lot of places are dangerous and harbour dangerous diseases like malaria or dengue fever. You need to get your jabs before you go. Sometimes these jabs need to be administered over a certain amount of time so try not to leave them to the last minute. Depending on where or when you get them done they can also cost money so make sure you budget properly for your trip. When at the doctors, it's a great opportunity to enquire about any other jabs or health issues which may impact your holiday.

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