Half Day Tour of Munnar, Kerala

by - 9/07/2017

 Kerala has lots of places to explore out of which Alleppey, Munnar and Thekkady top the list. That goes without saying that Kochi is usually the anchor destination because of its international airport. However that means you need at least one week to touch the main places. We were on a whirlwind trip; just for 5 days and hence we had to squeeze as much sightseeing as possible in those precious days.

We explored Alleppey in a single day and skipped spending the night on a houseboat. That could have been easily arranged but we were too fond of our hotel to let go of its comfort and stay on the swamps instead. We skipped Thekaddy altogether (it was not remotely possible) Munnar though quite far was on our list.At least two days are needed for Munnar. But as you have read before, we did the unfathomable...a day trip to the most loved hill station of Kerala!

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After a bus journey of 6 hours, we had a speedy Malabari lunch and then hired a taxi for the entire day. So what if we could not take the feel of Munnar...we could at least cross the spots from the tourist' list!
Our first stop was the Botanical Garden. It was a huge area with every possible type of fauna. Right now I am particularly obsessed with succulents and that was my favourite section.
We visited the tea plantations on the way. Our next stop was Madupetty Dam and we loved it. It reminded us of the Tehri Dam. The reservoir is huge and the dam is the main source of hydroelectricity ; producing huge revenues for the state. The surrounding areas are famous for spotting wild elephants although we were not privileged enough to spot them. The greenery around was incredible. Since it was winters, an envelope of mist was hovering over the lake. That haze produced an undescribable drama.
On the way to our next location, we were shown a few movie shooting sites. The rain had imparted a new definition of green to the vegetation all around.
Our last stop was the Ecological Point. Again it was a man made picnic spot which was picturesque nonetheless. The Madupetty lake had provisions of boating. But we were neither interested nor we had time. After roaming around for quite a bit, we urged our driver to drop us at the bus stop. It was five in the evening and almost dark.
There was a different drama altogether at the bus stop. The locals were unable to guide us as to which bus went directly to Kochi. Everyone (including the officials) had a different opinion. Finally we realised that since it was quite late (as per hilly area standards) there was no direct bus to Kochi. The last one was at 4 30. Bummer. Any of the buses which we gonna take required at least two changes. So we decided not to waste any more time; as delay meant lesser frequent buses. After a real tiring journey, we reached Kochi just before the closing of dinner. Steaming hot delicious food. That was the only thing needed after a long, exhausting yet fruitful day.

Blazer: Zara
Sweater: Zara
Sunnies: Fastrack
Boots: Forever 21
Skirt: Levi's

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  1. I love this place tranquility I see great family picture have a lovely weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures, I love the coat

  3. I visited almost most of the part of India but never go Kerala. I wish to go this beautiful place. Thanks for sharing

  4. lovely photos hun! Thanks for sharing!!

    XO, Jessi


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