Dubai Shopping festival and the world's largest mall..

by - 2/01/2015

Happy February everyone! Can't believe one month is already over! So how did your first month go? Mine really hectic. :( Right now I am really looking forward to February. Its our wedding anniversary month after all and usually we go for a nice vacation. So fingers crossed! My hubby is not big on Valentine's Day so no heart shape chocolates or roses for me :( He believes that love should be professed everyday!! But I surely have plans!! :D

Yesterday was the last day of the irresistible Dubai Shopping Festival for this year. This month long retail extravaganza starts from the first day of the year to the last day of the month of January . As I was sitting in front of my laptop lusting over the last minute deals how I wished I was there.

So I decided to do a quick memoir of my retail session in the Dubai Mall which is in fact the largest in the world with over 1500 brands! Not only that, the fountains there too are the largest in the world. They were created by the same makers of the Bellagio Fountains of Las Vegas but bigger and better. And the cherry on the cake? The tallest building in the world...the Burj Khalifa! I have a thing with the record breaking structures in the world and its my wish to get the list ticked as much as possible. With our Dubai trip, almost ten such Guiness book record holding architectures got ticked and I am so proud! Sadly I was not a blogger when I visited this iconic city. Otherwise I would have had myriads of beautiful captures!

I believe everyone has seen the movie Happy new year? Well I wont get into a debate on its credentials that whether it made sense or not but it surely refreshed my Dubai memories! Here I am signing off with a salute to shopping. " Real girls don't cry, they go shopping!!"

With the most important people in my life in front of the most impressive building in the world...

The spectacular Dubai fountains from the top of Burj Khalifa

The largest acrylic aquarium in the world...

The maker of the Bellagio fountains of las Vegas created these iconic Dubai fountains to make them the largest in the world...

Waterfalls inside the mall

Coffee time after a long day at shopping

 Dress: H n M
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Accessories: from Korea

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  1. I love Rainforest Cafe! What a fun trip.

  2. I need to pack my suitcase and travel with you to take me to these amazing places you travel to looking stunning at it.

  3. I enjoyed Dubai thoroughly last year. Hope you're coming for my blogger meet.

  4. Love Dubai. I would to be over there.

  5. Wow you have been there too. Looks totally amazing! I had a hectic and cold and awful January haha. This month is even worse. Happy Wednesday pretty!

    xx /

  6. Beautiful post, really interesting!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  7. I always love reading your post. Your this post about Dubai shopping is another a master piece.

  8. What a wonderful post about Dubai Shopping festival, I absolutely adore it.

  9. You can find all kinds of luxury goods, designer apparel and accessories, electronics, and more at discounted prices during the Dubai Shopping Festival. The festival hosts a variety of street markets and offers exclusive deals even sometimes at tours like desert safari.