Anjuna at night

by - 2/20/2015

After a strenuous hike to the Chapora fort here, we needed to recharge our batteries. It wasn't that we were suffering from jet lag or something but exhausting ourselves on the very first day was not a wise thing to do. We required food and some sleep. But sleep at seven would mean calling it a day right there. So we were not venturing into that territory.

There was no sign of food in that deserted, rocky area of Chapora Fort. We descended the winding roads and went straight to Vagator beach. Nowadays there is a strict rule that no one can swim after six in the evening. I am pretty sure that there are rule breakers but we did not want to be one of least on the first day. ( We did swim in the dark later on in our trip :p)

Vagator beach was a quiet place..very unlikely of North Goa. We had coconut water and some snacks. We wanted to have dinner at a nice place and then proceeded towards Anjuna Beach.
Anjuna was quite active that time. We went pub hopping and dancing at most of the places. For dinner I had fresh sea food ( scrumptious grilled pompfret) and poor vegetarian hubs had Rajasthani thali.

After desserts and shopping, we went back to our hotel. The ambiance of our village resort was pretty romantic at that time. People were drinking at the poolside and soft music was playing. We took out our tripod and started taking silly pictures of ourselves. We also made friends with a bunch of Mumbai guys who were here for a bachelor party.

The sky was beautifully starlit. In Delhi its difficult star gazing because of so much pollution. Relaxing on the poolside lounger below the stars amidst the nature, it was the perfect conclusion to the first day of our trip. 

After a strenous hike to the Chapora Fort, we gorged on the delicious food....

Rajasthani thali of vegetarian hubby...
Grilled pompfret..The best I had tasted in many years!!
After stuffing our stomachs, pub hopping started....

pub hopping continues...

After hopping all over Anjuna at night, finally time to relax at our resort. It was half past one that time!!

when you click through  tripod, you can take as many silly pictures as you like !! It was so late that the pool lights went off!!

Skirt: Forever21
Top: Pantaloons
Chain, Bracelet: Forever21

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  1. You guys had fun for what I read the food does looks delicious and both of you so cute together good looking couple.

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  3. This couple is just so cute :) Love your silver skirt!

  4. You look marvelous and the food really made me hungry. Glad you could relax and reload your batteries! That place is amazing. I never heard of a rule no swimming after 6 but okay I guess there are reasons for that. Wish you a happy Tuesday pretty!!

    xx /

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love your skirt! And the food looks delicious!

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    ti aspetto!!! Yep!

  7. I like the red top you are wearing.
    Also the hotel seems like a nice place to relax.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place