Chapora Fort

by - 12/11/2014

Our first excursion began with the Chapora fort. You all must have known by now that we are soo fond of forts. This is not a regular tourist spot as its in ruins. However its frequented by hordes of youngsters ( foreigners mainly) because of the interesting climb and the gorgeous views it has to offer.

Chapora fort as the name suggests is situated on the Chapora river atop a hill. This fort was present from the 15th century before the Portugese arrived in Goa and had changed hands many times. In order to end the Portugese rule, Emperor Akbar joined hands with the Marathas and made this place their base camp. The fort has steep slopes all around and commands views in all directions; making it a very safe place. Don't know how it got destroyed.

When we were planning our trip and hubs showed me this fort, I was excited. Little we knew that in order to reach this place we have to brave the rock climbing and prickly grass. I was in heels (thank God they were wedges) and dress so my plight could easily be pictured. I used to think that a motorbike can take you anywhere but I was so in dreams!! Unless you are fit enough to walk any kind of distance, you can't be a true traveler!!

As we conquered height gradually and steadily, we took breaks for absorbing the beauty all around. The Arabian sea on three sides and the Chapora river on one. The rocky Vagator beach could be seen. It was almost dusk and we witnessed the sun going down into the Arabian sea. There were tall, prickly grasses all around and they provided a very pretty picture. I am a tough girl; but my choice of wrong footwear and outfit made this experience a difficult one indeed!!

The view from the top was mesmerising and its environment even merrier!! There were lots of groups, some couples and few families and all were enjoying in their own way!! Some were picknicking, some were singing, some playing groovy songs at high volume while some were musicians! Drums were being beaten and guitars were being strung! It was pure party flavour up there! Infact I forgot all my bruises and aching knees and joined the fun! We were famished from our adventure but had to munch only on biscuits as nothing was available up there. 

After an hour at the top, it was pitch dark and it was even harder to get down! We lighted our way with our cell phones and it was real scary. Behind us there were only four guys who overtook us soon. How come we end up at the last always? ;)

I am the grass girl!! ( counterpart of flower girl :p)

At the foot of the Chapora fort...there was a tough climb ahead...

Its a rocky hike ahead!!

It feels so good to be at the top!!

The sun setting on the Arabian sea. Below is the Vagator beach...

This picture could not be accomplished without a few bruises...

Hubs paved way for many other people to take pictures here!

tough rocks and prickly grass...

This kind of turret were present at all the corners...

Dress: Globus
Sunnies: Aldo
Accessories: Forever21, globus

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  1. Cool pic of hubby on the top of bridge like. You look great doll.

  2. Hey dear,

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  3. Gorgeous you look simply fab!!!!! Love your style as always xxxx That dress looks lovely !!!
    You are welcome to check out my new post <3

  4. Have been to goa so many times..but never visited this place. Thnks for sharing.
    surely nxt time.


  5. Very cool photos!

  6. Oh! The shots are amazing! And you look fantastic!

    Jessica |

  7. beautiful pictures!♥ the place looks amazing!:)

  8. The view is breathtaking and you look gorgeous. Love your dress and heels. I have no idea how you managed to climb up there in the wedges. I know I couldn't do that.


  9. So so nice!!!


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  11. Beautiful pictures and the view is so breathtaking :D

  12. Looks like a lovely place..cant believe u scaled that rocky terrain in ur wedges...u brave fashionista.