Flower Flower everywhere!!

by - 12/16/2014

Do you know anyone who does not like flowers? Well I have not come across any..not till now. My affiliation for flowers is a bit on the pathological side. So much is my obsession right from childhood that Dad used to say he would marry me to a guy who owns flower business! So what happens when a person like me gets to see tonnes of flowers..that too everywhere? She gets crazy clicking pictures and writes a blog post!

I am so not a morning person. I have sulked before but my beautiful morning experiences are here and here. Seems early mornings turn out really very well when I participate!

Two days ago I came to know about the flower mandi i.e the wholesale market of flowers. The market that serves the floral needs of the entire city. It was not very far from our place so we decided to pay it a visit. I have known about vegetable, fish, meat and fruit wholesale markets of Delhi; but flower market ..never! I always used to wonder that from where do all these flowers come.

This market starts at 4 in the morning. As soon as the sun comes up, flowers wilt and hence the market shuts down. Nowdays during winters, the sun rises late. Its usually dark till quarter to seven nowadays. And late sunrise means unsatisfactory pictures. Anyways in the fear of losing out on seeing the market,  I dragged both of us out and left in the dark at around 5 30 and was surprised when we reached there.

The crowd was maddening.. Everyone was involved in transactions..buying and selling. Since it was dark, the whole market was lit up and it felt that it was middle of the evening. And the best part? there were flowers everywhere. Right from imported ones like Cympidium to exotic orchids to Anthurium to good old marigolds, there was no flower which I did not see here! I got absolutely crazy clicking pictures. Although natural light came quite late, I took maximum pictures in Artificial lights ( which are not good at all). After exploring this vast market on foot, I bought myself a bunch of gerberas ( which are my favourite flower).

I was dead tired at the end of that trip but turns out that my morning adventures turn out really well!

P.s These pictures have been taken in the most unfavourable of circumstances. First the lack of natural light and second maddening crowd! There was so much pushing and shoving that each picture took number of attempts to suit our satisfaction level. Sometimes someone would come in the frame and other times someone would knock hubby down! kudos to him for maintaining his patience!

Red rose anyone? p.s I am married!! ;)
Tonnes of marigold

marigold gardlands..

aah ..coloured roses!!

orchids anyone?

gerberas...my favourite..a sweet vendor offered me this gardland!!

finally a bunch of gerberas for myself!!

tiger lilies
Top: Uni Style Image
Pants: Forever21
Beret: Globus

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  1. I'm crazy about flowers, but I guess you win me :p

  2. I love flowers I will had never left and so colorful like the rainbow great post.

  3. love yorr pants, nice look
    have a great day

  4. Adoro i fiori e queste tue foto mostrano un mercato di fiori straordinario!!!

  5. Come sono belle le collane di fiori che mostri in alcune foto. le adoro e mi piacerebbe imparare a farle.


  6. Wow these flowers are fantastic! Love this post. So colorful.

  7. Wonderful shots!

    Miu Miu vs Stradivarius on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  8. Flowers Flowers Everywhere. :D
    P.s. I really like your Forever21 Pants. <3