Fun and Fair

by - 12/11/2013

With festivities round the corner and winter carnivals here and there in the city, I am in no mood to work!! I am especially missing the recently concluded India International Trade Fair. This year was the 33rd edition which is held every year in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. IITF is a fortnight long shopping festival where countries from all over the world participate. From hundreds of domestic stalls to state specific shops to international outlets, it’s a fortnight long fun filled extravaganza!! 

Delhi is very pleasant at this time of the year..with just the right amount of chill and sunshine. Shopping and strolling around in the winter sun is such an awesome feeling!! Every year I visit Trade fair only with the intention of window shopping  and eating. But to my wallet’s horror, I always end up with bags full of goodies!! So irresistible are the plethora of the products there!!

Not only the products, but the décor of the stalls are worthy of adulation. The state stalls are usually adorned with the most symbolic architecture of their respective state. This time my haul included loads of trinkets, jute products like jute sandals and bags and loads of cosmetics!! Eagerly waiting for next year’s trade fair!!
The Chakra at the Sun Temple of Konark in the Orissa stall...

the Gujarat stall..

replica of an Indian village..

Love the beautiful Arabic lamps...

the Turkish stall...

cute middle eastern pottery..

Love the beautiful Arabic lamps...
The world is black and white...
Its a mind boggling game :D
Unity is strength..

the rajdhani express at the Indian Railways stall...

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  1. Those arabic lamps are so beautiful! I'd love to have one :)

  2. I like this lamps too! They are amazing things!

  3. These lamps are gorgeous and I love all the colors! Very pretty.

  4. beautiful pictures!:) I'm so jealous you've seen all these lovely places!♥ I wish I could travel the whole world!:)

  5. I like the pink cropped cartigan you're wearing.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. Amazing pictures!! I love the t-shirt and the jacket!

  7. Amazing place, I wish to be there someday :)